• Born~ Without a Chance
    A Teresa Lovegood novel


    Everything in my life could have been normal. I finished school and I even got married without having sex at all. To this very date I’m still a virgin. But two things stood in my way. The first biggie was the blade protruding from my chest holding me a good five feet off the ground, the second one being the bloodsucker at my neck. Now here is the thing about Vampires. You don’t get changed into one just by getting bit on the neck, you have to let them lap up your blood like you’re a stream to an animal and they need to pour blood into your veins, enough to take over your whole system. Now this could only be done if you’re a virgin, but I have a thought that this ******** just wanted to suck me dry and leave the shell behind. Now if you had been deflowered willingly then you would change from a human to a mindless ghoul. They are much like zombies but somehow this guy had made himself an army, and they obeyed his every command.

    I am actually happy that my sex life has been a total dump so far! I can feel the blood leaving me and my vision blurred and all I could think was ‘ Happy Monday morning! Your gunna ******** die today!’

    Ill take you back a few moments and explain who I am and why I have a blade in me. Now you see, my job was to kill all and every possible Vampire. My husband Mark and I were in the same organization called ‘ The Immortals Death’. We were trained the moment we were able to speak properly and listen like good little soldiers, so the most of us joined at age ten. We bred with only other slayers, so the organization was much like a camp witch forced us to multiply amongst ourselves. Mark and I were out on a job in a tiny little village in England called Fair-weather to rid them of one Vampire and a handful of ghouls; but what we weren’t expecting was a second Vampire and a mass army of un-dead. We were doing fine but both Vampire’s teamed up on Mark and a wave of stinking, rotting zombies doggie piled onto him and tore him limb from limb, the last sound I hear from him is his shrieks of pain and the gurgle of blood rising into his mouth.

    I had to look away and that was my mistake. The two Vampires jumped off of Mark covered in blood and they slowly walked over to me. One grabbed me from behind and yanked my hair so my neck was exposed and he nuzzled my neck with his bloody mouth. The other one, clearly the one in command, pushed his aside and then grabbed me and sunk his teeth into my neck, drawing a heavy flow of blood. Then a shower of bullets came from out of nowhere and the one holding me sunk to the ground and exploded, his blood and guts splattering all over me, multiple ghouls dropped to the ground dead as well. Now there was only one Vampire and a handful of ghouls like there was supposed to be. I dropped to the ground relieved and the fear had made me unable to stand anymore. The warm liquid running down my neck I ignored and looked around for the source of the bullets. The second Vampire scrambled over to me and licked the wound and shuddered as if he was having a forbidden pleasure when the door flew in and a man clad in black pointed a long shiny gun at its head and sprayed another round of bullets at the ghouls, finishing the last of them off. He then looked at the vamp with the bluest eyes that I have ever seen and the Vampire thrust my head to the side and held my body at such an angle that my bones screamed in pain. I whimpered and the vampire took one last lick and a blood chilling laugh before the man fired a bullet into its head. The Vampire jumped out of the way, half of its face missing, and as we were still in the air the blade pierced through my body and the Vampire’s, pinning us to the wall.

    Now I had two major wounds that were fatal and I couldn’t do s**t-diddly about them. The vampire behind me shrieked and exploded, blood drenching my back. I coughed as my lung burst and began to fill with liquids and I knew I only had moments left, and I wished for the pain and my life to end already.

    The vampire took the blade out of my chest and I crumpled to the ground gasping as blood poured out of my body, leaving me to swim in it. I desperately tried to get away from the man, something I couldn’t control, I couldn’t fight so I had to flee. He then took three large heavy steps towards me and firmly grasped my shoulder and flipped me over. I gasped and whimpered.

    “Please… Please just kill me already!” I screamed at him with all the might I had left. He was taken aback and I could tell I hit something. “Please… Please if your not going to save me kill me!” He smiled and his white teeth and blue eyes were the only thing I could see now.

    ‘‘Ill kill you, but you wont die.” He spoke with a slight Irish accent and pressed his face in between my breasts and licked the blood away and he then sighed as he pressed his lips against mine planting a small kiss. He then slit his wrist and poured it into the wound in my mouth. “Drink up my changeling.. Drink up.”


    “ And shell live! I’m impressed Alex, you got yourself quite the pretty flower.”

    “Oh I know Nana. I know. The thing is when she wakes up shell be rather pissed. She wanted me to kill her.” I knew that voice! It was the man.. The one who speared me.

    “Oh?” The other voice said.. It was a woman’s voice, or a very feminine man. “ Well lets not make her another Anna shall we?” It laughed. I groaned and moved my arm over my eyes to block out the bright light outside my eyelids. “And she’s with us! How are you feeling my dear?”

    “Nana….” Alex growled. “Leave her be..”

    “No… I’m fine..” I rasped. I sat up slowly and propped myself against the wall behind me. I looked around and the man, err, Alex, showed his face to me. He took off the large hat he wore the night before and he had long red hair and a scruffy beard and moustache. His eyes were a soft blue witch made me think that the icy blue was just me. His skin was flawless and pale, his nose slightly pointed and his chin jutted out slightly. He had wide shoulders and I could tell that he was solid. I then looked to the woman and smiled. She was a tiny Japanese woman with short black hair and brown eyes. She had golden coloured skin and a kind smile. “ Nana is it?”

    “ Yes, Nana Kosana. Pleased to meet you…” she trailed off, clearly leaving me to fill in the blank as she held out her hand.

    “ Teresa Lovegood. Resa for short.” I took her hand and shook it and smiled back at her. I sighed and rubbed the back of my neck. “ Hey Mr? Could you come closer for a moment?”

    Alex came in fairly close and smiled. “What is it m’dear?” I then punched his face with considerable might and he staggered back holding his nose, eyes wide.

    “That was for licking my boobs and making me undead.” I felt better and Nana laughed at Alex. She pulled out a couple of Kleenexes and handed them to him, trying to stop laughing. I then fixed my.. Paper dress? I looked around and saw that I was in a medical unit. I was hooked up to an IV and I saw no heart monitor or nothing. Just a bag of blood and a bag of clear fluids. It felt homey enough and I looked at Nana, ignoring Alex. “Where am I?”

    “Well… We too are a vampire hunting organization, and we call ourselves ‘Za Darku Ramu’, The Dark Lamb. We have a vampire to hunt the vampires, but he crawled to our door and asked for the job. Originally we were purely human hunters, but..” She shrugged. “Now we have a Vampire hunting his kin. Witch, by the way, isn’t as odd as it seems. There is another organization named Hellsing, and about three generations ago they had two vampires hunting for them. It was run by Sir Integra Faribrook Windgates Hellsing, and she had a vampire named Alucard hunt for her ever since she was little. As she grew older she gained more control over her organization and a second Vampire, Seras Victoria, was turned by Alucard himself after she was attacked by a throb of ghouls and a powerful Vamp. Sadly, Sir Integra died years ago and the organization is now run by the butler for now. He’s desperately trying to find someone to take over.” Nana smiled and said these words proudly. She did her homework on fellow organizations, smart girl…

    “Naturally her child would have taken over right? Kind of like a heir?” I asked.

    Nana shook her head. “Sir Integra was a virgin to the very end, she died at age 75. The stress got too much for her and Alucard became quite the handful. She fell ill and there is no successor to the organization. Now, onto another subject. I personally called Immortals Death and told them about what happened, and they weren’t too happy with Alex… They told me the only way they would let you come back to Immortals Death is in a box with a stake through your heart, a blessed silver stake that is..” Nana smiled meekly and rubbed the back of her head. “Is there anywhere you want to go? Or are you going to stay in the Vampire hunter business?”

    “ Um…. I- T don’t know… Could I think on it and tell you later?”

    “Of course,” Alex said, letting go of his nose, he came closer yet again, “but you know my dear, Ill be more than happy to let you stay here at Za Darku Ramu.” This time he stayed to the side of the bed and his arm was ready to block any and all attacks from me. He smiled and again I was caught by his blue eyes.

    “Aren’t Irishmen supposed to have green eyes?” I asked innocently. “I mean, it seems kind of odd to me that you look like one and talk like one, but your eyes are blue..”

    “Well, they used to be green until I was changed and drank plenty of the ruby red. Your eyes used to be brown, but now their a soft grey. Speaking of appearances….” He then rubbed the back of his head. “Well, frankly my dear, you look like crap and we don’t have any clothes here besides the paper dresses. We could lend you a cloak until you can get some proper wear..”

    “No, its okay. I don’t care much for how I look. And about the clothes, I have an apartment outside of Immortals Death. Mark and I… we took it for our own, to get away from Immortals death forever….” I then threw off the covers and took the cloak that Alex held out to me and slipped it on. Oddly enough it fit nicely on my shoulders and when I did it up it framed my body nicely. “How did-”

    “I guessed what size you were when I brought you over here and took it off the rack we have here in the clinic.” Alex said as he opened the door. “Ladies first.”

    Nana and I stepped through the door, my bare feet slapping against the waxed floor. I then saw a pair of flip-flops that looked like they would fit and I quickly stepped into them and scurried along behind Nana, Alex watching my every move. I felt like prey under his eyes. He watched like a hungry vulture ready for his next meal, and I seems to looked especially tasty. We got outside and a large SUV waited for us. Alex opened the door again and I got inside, Nana sitting in the passengers seat and Alex was at the wheel. I gave them directions to my apartment and stared out the window as we drove. We weren’t far away from the little village of Candy, and I saw children playing out in the streets and laughing. I smiled as they kicked a ball around and when we stopped mother ushered their children inside and closed their doors. Shops, homes, restaurants, all of them closed their doors and pulled their blinds leaving the street empty.

    “A warm welcome like always I see.” Alex laughed as he put the truck in park and got out of the truck. I followed him and Nana and led them to my front door and found that it was already open.

    "Now who-" I was cut off because I saw a beautiful man standing in my living room, and somehow I was forced to my knee with my head bent. Who was this guy? I asked myself. Well whoever it is, I think he likes me.

    Well, thats what I have so far... Tell me what you think and rate. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!