• The bottom of my skirt was singed by the fire that was lurking all around. With my blade in my hand I looked around at what had been a once beautiful town. Without realizing it I let a few tears shed, caressing my cheek gently. This place was once the home of many strong willed people. I wonder where is their hope now?

    The town was silent besides the roaring of the flames. Everything was dead. Not just everything but, dare I say it anyone who had been in the poor innocent village of Espoir. (Espoir means hope in french.) Death has a distinctive feeling, and i was getting that feeling one-hundred percent.

    Not only for the people of Espoir, but Espoir itself i have sorrow for. Walking along a path I make out a wishing well. I remember when i was young, a wishing well was the most amazing thing. Even so, all things must come to an end, including this well. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a silver locket, i closed my eyes, made a wish and dropped it in wishing the world to have spared this town. The poor town of Espoir.

    I awoke with beads of sweat running down my face, this couldn't have happened again. Lately I've been having strange dreams. They start as something beautiful but somehow end with pain, misery, and death. My mother thinks i should see a counselor, but honestly i forbid myself from it.

    Being a shy and quiet girl does not help the fact that my mom wants me to talk to someone. I couldn't handle five minutes of talking to some stranger, let alone telling them my problems and dreams. Even though that's true, it's me. which reminds me, my name is Dahlia Cruz. Not that it is very important though.

    Nobody in the world would notice me even if i was in a pink elephant costume, and believe me, I've tried. I'm a short, under weight girl who everyone calls "ginger kid." As if it's my fault i was born a redhead. It's not that i don't like my hair but i am sick of being picked on for my looks.
    (getting back to topic)
    As I studied myself in my mirror i heard the door creak open. I didn't turn to see who it was until i felt something warm rub against my leg. It was my puppy Ensemble. I named him that because in french it means "together". I thought it suit him because he doesn't enjoy being alone.

    I smiled at him as he was wagging his tail slow and persistently. My bones ached in pain as i got up from my chair. I hate when i fall asleep at my desk. Making my way to the door Ensemble whimpers. Silly puppy, hates to see me leave. I didn't know what i wanted to do so i decided on hot cocoa in the kitchen.

    The chocolaty taste seemed to devour my taste buds as i took a sip. Nothing but some good ol' hot chocolate in the winter time! I was startled when the house phone started to ring. Nervously i picked it up, who would be calling on a Saturday? All i know is it's not for me! The person on the line said three words, and three words only. "Dahlia it;s time," the exhausted voice had said.