• My Life As Alex

       Back to school and all I'm thinking about is my summer and how I'm going to miss Sam, my best friend.
       Every one of my classes are lovely. Since in new at this school I have no clue who just about anyone is.
       Around 6th period I saw a couple of familir faces. Neighbors.
       ❝Oh god.! What are you doing here.?!?!❞ I said like I got smacked.
       "I had to be in the same school as my best friend was.! That's a must.!" Sam said. 
       "All I did is transfer.! We could still see each other every day.! It's not like I moved out of the state.!" I said with no interuptions.
       "Thats eight hours of the day I'm not gonna be able to throw paper at you.! And what if I need to talk to you about serious stuff.? Huh.?" he kept implying. "Plus it's not the same with out you in Franklin.!" the teacher almost yelled at us.! And on our fist day at the school.
       Sam has been my best friend since I was twelve. When I first moved here. He thought I was a boy.! Which is wierd to say because I thought I looked so much like a girl when I was younger.! 
          ----"Hey.! Welcome to the neighborhood.! I'm Sam. I live next door to you. And I was at first very upset when my mom forced me to meet the new kid but it's what ever now cuz you're a guy.! And there's no other guys besides us two on this block.!" he said this with so much inthusiasm and with the nicest smile I've ever seen in my life.!
       "Hey.!" I responded. I was kindda shy when I was a kid "Can you show me around.? And what school do you go to.? Cuz I have a feeling I'm going to be lost with in the walls of Lincoln Jr. High."
       "Whoa.! That's the school I'm going to.! And I'll be happy to show my new buddy around the school.!" he gave me the hardest high five of my life.
       For the next two weeks we hung out at his house and back at mine. I started to crush on him and didn't know that he thought I was a boy and I didn't know how to tell him. So I asked him about any special girls in his life. It became wierd after a while. He didn't mention me in any sort of way. He asked me the same.
       "Whoa.! I'm not gay.! Not that there anything wrong with gay's.! I do not go out or in any way like girls.! That's just wrong.!" I said all wierded out.
       "Man you're freaking me out.!! You're a boy.! Boys like girls and girls like boys... Usually.!" he said screaming.
       "Are you joking.?! I'm not a boy.! I'm a girl.! DUH.! What's wrong with you.?!" I raised my voice.
       "Dude.! Your name is Alex.! You like video games and you dress like a DUDE.!"
       "No Way.!" I looked in the mirror and saw my hair nails shoes and clothes and realized I did look like a boy.
       "Has this happen to you before.? Cause I'm very interested to find out.!" we lowered our voices before my dad came upstairs to find out why we're so loud.
       "Well it almost happened but I avoided it by doing my hair and dressing very girly for picture day last year. By the way it's no big deal" we became closer then ever from there on out.            ***  ***************************
       "Yo Sam.! Wanna go to my sweet sixteen.? It's gonna be so much fun man.!" he wasn't as enthusiastic about it as much as I was.
       "Your having a say what now.?!? Nah I'm just joking with you. When is it.? And who's your date.?" he said pulling me to the side. 
       "Well it's on my actual birthday.! January 19th and since I'm in a new school and don't know anyone but you, be my date, for one night and you can-" I started but he interupted.
       "Wow.! You in a dress.? No way. Alex I can't do it. I'm scared to do I Al. Me and you haven't really done this type of stuff except for my aunts wedding" as he said this I thought about anything and everything to make him come plus it's just one night. What's going to happen.?
       "C'mon man it was hard to ask you.! Imagine some other guy.? Plus you can wear what ever you want." I was pleading until -"Oh I just remembered.!! JESSE.! I'm going to ask him.!" we still talk. He's my ex. Sam put me through hell trying to ask him out.
       "Oh yeah.! You two had a lot of chemestry. But he moved, which made yah two break up. Remember Alex, history repeats itself.!" that was the last he told me before he left running to class. I saw a face expression I've never seen on him before.
    The drive home was different. I had a wierd gut feeling.                                "Dad, can you drive me to Jesse's.? I have to ask him something." my dad kept taking glances at me and then the road.
        "Are you sure.? I don't want-" he was concerned.
        "Just drive.! Please.! I need to ask him about my sweet-sixteen. I really don't want to get back with him father.!" he relaxed after my explanation
        As my dad stood in the car I went to go see Jesse. Ever since we first dated my dad hated his guts. Never really knew why.
        I knocked at his door waiting foe him to come out. Once he saw it was me he quickly openned the door and hugged me. 
        "I'm guessing u didn't forget about me did you.?" I hugged him back remembering everything of the past. "Well I wanted to know if you would be my date for my sweet-sixteen.? Cuz Sam, my bestfriend, doesn't wanna be my date"
       "Yes I would love it.! When.? Where.? What time.?" 
        "My birthday, my house cuz we're going on a limo, abt 8:30 latest 9 pm" 
        "January 19th.?" 
        "Yup and thanks.! Catcha later Jesse.!" I said while running to the car.
        "Dad, Sam turned me down. So yeah..."
           ******* ******* ******* *******       
        The closer to my sweet-sixteen the more I freak out... I've made a couple of friends. One, that is closest to me right now is Jo. Well her real name is Josephine Woods. We're like twins. Same at heart and mind. She and a whole bunch of "friends" are coming to my sweet-sixteen.
           ******* ******* ******* *******       
        My sweet-sixteen finally arrived and I'm in the limo with my date and a couple of friends. Sam wasn't here which killed me. And to add on to that he said not even for one night this is going to be his 'scene'. It's not going to be exactly how I wanted it to be because Sam isn't here.
        Once I approched the disco thingy where my sweet-sixteen is held all I hear is screaming and aplauding. I felt so special walking threw the crowd wit... Jesse
        As I got on stage every one started to sing happy birthday to me. Always kindda hated that song. But today it made me feel special. Like if I was the center of the universe. 
        Someone caught my eyes after I blew out my candles. Sam came through the doors and my heart is starting to pound out of my chest. And I look closer and he's wearing a tux.! He glances over my direction and double takes. And our eyes meet. He gives me a 'stuck on stupid' face which he never gave me before.
        Its been about an hour since I seen Sam, I grabbed Jo and pulled her aside from a very good looking guy because I need to pee very bad and I need someone to hold my dress up.
        I literaly bumped into Sam. "Sorry br..." when I look up I see Sam was coming my direction. "Oh it's you Sam" I had a pretty big grin on my face.
       "I was about to go to you cuz I wanted to say hii. Well... Hii" he smiles. I couldn't stop starring at him. "And by the way you look stunning in your dress" I blushed. "I couldve been your date instead of Jesse. I mean what could've happenned.?"
        "You think I'm pretty.?" I blushed and he replies "No you're beautiful.! I can just kiss you.! But I won't that'll be kindda weird." I looked down to hide my cherry red cheecks.
        "Well you look very nice in your tux.! And I like your hair and wow.! You look grea-" I stopped myself. When I did I saw Sam's head turning so I won't look at his red-as-a-tomatoe face. "Well imma go pee now.!" I giggled.
        In the middle of the night my dad changed my flats into heels and I was in extra pain after that. I was so happy after I changed my dress to the one I originally picked out and to my black and red heels. I felt banggin'. As I walked on stage and talked to Jesse, kindda feeling like old times ever one started to clink their glasses, which I thought was only at weddings, that's when Jesse snaked his arms around my waist, pulled me towards him and kissed me softly over and over. This momment was perfect.! Yet I felt nothing.! No sparks. No butterflies. Nothing.! 
        I went and looked for Sam after that "perfect" kiss and I see that he looks upset and confused. He headed for the door when I ran and yell "Wait.!" he stopped and looked at me "What's wrong.? Why can't you atleast say bye to me.?"
        "Sorry Al I'm going home. I feel weird. And I don't know why." I hugged him as tight as I could and gave him a really big kiss on the cheeck. "Go home safe please.!" he looked pale when I had my last glance.
          ******* ******* ******* *******      
        At 3:30 a.m I got to my suite and hopped in the  shower. After I was done Jo came in threw the door and forces me into my other easy going dress. Fixes my hair and then tells me that there's people coming upstairs now for a so called after party. 
        The music is pumping and the drinks are flowing and there's people dancing. So I put a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door. And five minutes after I put it up a knock on the door.
        "Hey can't you read.?" and I looked up and Sam was at the door "Yes Al I can read.! But I was invited by John." then he takes a look at me "Wow Al you look hot.!"
        "Im going to ignore that.! And it's not John's party for him to be inviting people. But since I know you it's okay. Come on in and grab a drink try to ignore the fact that I'm 'hot'" 
        With everyone busy doing something Jo grabbed me aside and said "Let's play a baby game.! Spin the bottle.!"
        She pulled me into the room and there was already people playin with a Vodka™ bottle. Sam was playing too.? 
         Rules: 1. Doesn't matter if it was girl on girl
                 : 2. Doesn't matter if it's guy on guy
                 : 3. Must be at least one minute long
                 : 4. Can't be family and the kiss HAS to happen.!
                 : 5. What ever happens at the party stays at a party
        Its been a while minutes and minutes of kissing and finally my turn. I spin the Vodka™ bottle and it seems like forever before it slows down. When it stopped I looked up and I saw Anaya which was what ever cause all I have to do is act like Anaya is a Alen. The kiss seemed forever but barely a whole minute passed by. 
        I went to go use the bathroom while she spun the bottle. Once I came back I saw her and Sam kissing. I got upset. 
        Sam spun as I layed on my queen sized bed. Suddenly everyone started to scream and John pulled me up and pushed me off the bed. I was so focused on him I didn't notice I had to kiss anyone untill my chin was grabbed and pulled to a random face. I kissed back passionately. I could tell it was a guy. I felt like I was melting in his arms. 
        I felt sparks flying. This kiss wasn't normal. Snaking his arms around my waist made me feel incredible. 
        His hands slid to my stomach and pushed me away. He didn't want it to stop neither did I. 
        A voice broke the silence "Sorry Al.." he took a step back and pulled me to him again for one more kiss. 
        It took me a while to realize who I just kissed. When I openned my eyes I realized even faster. That perfectly amazing kiss was with my bestfriend.! 
          ******* ******* ******* *******      
        I notice that I don't see Sam very often. I've went a couple of days before seeing him and now it's been weeks.
        "Sam is that you.?!" I say screaming down  the street. I notice the way he walks and yell "Sam.! Talk to me.! SAM.!" I ran to catch up with him and grabbed his arm "Hey.! Did I do something wrong that you don't wanna talk to me.?!"
        He grabs my arm tight and starts pulling me to a park. "We have to talk.! Now.!"
        He looked at me very confused. "Al why do I feel like this.?! Huh.?! That-that kiss is driving me insane.! I-I-I don't know anything anymore." he whipped his face and looked away "Now I kindda figured why I can't stand you and Jesse near each other and why I felt sick to my stomach when yah two kissed."
        "I-I..." I looked away "I just don't-" I began when he pulled my face to his and kiss me. I couldn't stop him. I didn't want to stop him. A tear landed on his hand.
        "Whats wrong Al.?" he said while whipping my tears away.
        "What in the ******** is going on here.?!" Jesse yelled from the top of his lungs. "You cheating on me with your bestfried.?! I knew something was up with yah two.!"
        "Jesse please Sam kissed me.!" I started tearing even more. "I didn't know he was going to do that.! And Sam I was going to tell you me and Jesse started dating again before you kissed me.!" I held Sam back from punching Jesse "Can we drop Jesse off at his place and go home.?"
        "You've got a lot of explaining to do Al" Sam said.
        Once we were at our homes I started explaining on the front porch and he understood. He says he felt unhappy that I choose to be with Jesse. I explained that too.
        "Wanna have movie night.?" I looked at him with a warming smile.
        "What about your dad and Jesse.? Cuz I don't trust myself" he said staring at my lips
        "Nothings going to happen and I'll call if he's not home" I pulled him inside and a call and a text later we were playing Callof Duty - Modern Warfar™ on the couch.