• "It's about time you two showed up!" Ash said as me and Snow came towards the gate of the abandoned amusement park. James was looking timid and annoyed, Crystal looked excited, and Ash looked nervouse. "Crystal already set up the trap while we waited for you gu-" ash was cut off. "What are you kids doing here?" ash's dad said coming toward us with a flash light. "Run!" Crystal said and we all split up and ran into the amusement park. Ash was with Crystal, Snow was with me, and James was all alone. Me and Snow hide inside a huge circus tent. The colors were fading and all the wooden becnches around the tent were dented and broken. We walked to the middle of the tent where there was a hole at the top that let in the moonlight, the only source of light in the entire tent. "Raven, we should probably stay here until-" Snow was cut off by a scream. Crystal's scream. "Come on!" I said and tugged Snow along with me, going towards where the scream came from. As it turns out, we weren't the only ones who heard it. Ash's dad, James, and Ash was there too. Ash was in a corner, looking terrified. "He's not human! He's not human!" he kept saying. Then I spotted Crystal. She was headless, arm less, and legless. The entire room smelled of blood and a rotting corpse. Her head, arms and legs were on the floor, I could see Crystal's face. All the happiness and optimism was gone, only fear and sadness remained. I covered my mouth, fell on my knees, and moaned. James was just standing there looking as if he might pass out. "Get a hold of yourself, Raven!" Snow said. I nodded and got off my knees. I went to Ash, keeping a tight grip on Snow's hand. "Ash, Ash, get a hold of yourself! We need you right now, you can't go insane on us now." I said to him shaking him. He blinked. "Raven, he isn't human, he's a...he's a...a monster!" Ash said. Ash's dad came towards Ash and said " What do you mean, son?" He was shaking. Ash continued as if he didn't here his dad " He came, Raven, he came and killed her, ripping her apart, and... he was smiling and laughing at the pain crystal was enduring, he took off the head last, so she couls feel the pain. He's not human, Raven, he's not." I took his chin so he could look up at me in his curretn sitting position "What did he look like?" I asked. " He was hairy all over, He had four eyes, two on the left, two on the right, one above the other. His mouth was like a dogs, long snout and razor sharp teeth, he had dog ears, he looked like a mutated dog actually, he was on his hind legs, walking around, he went on all fours when he ran away. His fur was black and his eyes a devil bright yellow. There was a evilness about him, something that said he would do anything for power. And... he was so huge, so tall, he towered over Crystal when he killed her with his claws." Ash was still shuddering. "Is it him, Raven?" Snow asked. I nodded my head. " Is it who?" Jamws asked. " My older brother" I told them.

    Is Raven going to kill her brother or is he going to kill someone else? Read Red blood part 4 to see what happens next!