• Part 2
    Micheal: Well hello pretty lady *wink*
    Teresa: Shut up idiot.
    Micheal: Whats wrong don't you like a strong man?
    Victor: Hey she said shut up. Hi i'm victor.
    Teresa:Hi victor. *Oh my god. This one is cute*
    Victor: C'mon lets go to math. * Oh my god. Shes a hottie.*
    Teresa: *blushes*
    ______________________________________________________________At Math
    Fitzpatrick:Today we are learning about polynomials *Blah blah blah blah blah*
    *Bell rings*
    Fitzpatrick: No homework!!
    Teresa: hey Victor, I um kinda like you will you be my boyfriend
    Victor: U-um sure.
    Teresa: *kisses Victor* 4laugh Bye!
    Victor: *drools over Teresa*

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