• It was a private school where they had met. This school mixed their students so that there where a fair amount of females and males sharing one room with six beds. So the six students, Jane, Verbena, Jethro, Drake, Gunther, and Jess, all shared one room.

    As it always happens, the two sexes separated by instinct.

    “I cannot believe that they would put us in with a group of boys, Verbena,” whispered Jane. She was a redhead, with a slim frame, and dazzling green eyes.

    “But be glad, at least we were not separated,” offered a shy Verbena. She was shorter than Jane with brunette hair and dark eyes to match. A slight blush appeared on her pale skin. “But, please, call me Pepper.”

    “Okay, Pepper.” Jane giggled. “At least we can each have two boys.”

    “This is hell. We are so unlucky to have four boys and only two girls,” Muttered a pale seventeen year old boy. “And worst yet, my sister is one of them so I am stuck with a p***k of a redhead.” He crossed is arms over his chest and started swearing softly. This was Gunther Breech, the first heir to a wealthy business-man. He was brother to Verbena Salter, his half sister, whom was two years younger than himself. He brushed back his raven hair and glared at his sister.

    “Can I have your sister?” asked Drake shyly.

    Gunther’s glare switched on to him. “No.”

    He gave up. Drake looked down at the floor, his light brown hair falling over his brown eyes.

    “Come on, don’t look so down,” said Jess, the only cheery one in the four man group. “I guarantee that you shall win her heart!” He flipped his dirty blonde hair dramatically, showing off his new style of having the ends dyed blue. “Yes, you shall! Even if you look gay doing so!”

    Everyone glared at him.

    The final one of them all spoke up. “But, you will win her heart.” Jethro smiled at him. He was the strongest one, but was also the quietest and most sane. His blonde hair was tussled and his pale blue eyes showed only winsome.

    Jess jumped on top of him. “Our Knight In Shining Armor Has Come!”

    “Geg oof meh!”


    Both girls stared at the other group. “What the hell is that idiot doing?” muttered Jane in confusion while Pepper had many unnamable fantasies.

    The Next Day…

    Jane smiled at herself in the mirror. Time to introduce ourselves to our roommates. She walked out of the girls restroom and walked towards her dorm number,