• Preface

    Shinichi Yukimaru P.O.V

    Across the room, in the far off corner closest to the window, he sat staring out as if he'd never seen the rain before. His wrist were covered, but I could see the deep white scars on the pale skin beneath the black of his sleeve.
    He was quiet.
    No sound had come from him for days.
    In my attempt to set things right, to help him live another day, so that I could see him alive and well, I had him put away in this place.
    I should have seen it coming.
    I should have seen the warnings before it had come to this. My love for him was so deep I ignored his problems, his pain, so that I could make myself happy. All I wanted was to hold him, touch him, feel him next to me in bed, but I ignored the the blood that stained his sleeves and the crying in his sleep.
    Was this my fault?
    Would he ever forgive me?
    His lips parted gently but no words came out as I kneeled down before him to look up at his pretty face. His hazel eyes stayed fixed out the window-on what no one knew-as I took his hand in mine and kissed it gently.
    Please, dear God, please. Don't let them lock him away for life. Heal those wounds so he can fly again.