• This is my first day to school. Everything seems quiet when I'm on the way to class until I arrive in front of my door class. I open the door and as if a big sound wave comes striking me. I go inside and is completely shock. The class is in horrible condition! It is very noisy, the chairs and desks are not properly arrange, and the odour...urghh...it's just smell like the dumpsters .Yuck!
    The students? I can't even tell what are they. They're face is full of make-ups and unpleasant face expression. They look so damn ugly.Is this what they call 'the most elite academy'?

    I keep those thoughts to myself. I walk to the back of the class. I sit down in the corner and put my head on the desk. I take out my notebook and a pink pen. Life here is suck....that's what I write and as I want to continue, a girl suddenly points to me. "Hey you, you're the new kid right? Listen up...there are few rules in this class....Rule one, I'm in charge. Rule two, you must always obey me and rule three...don't attract anyone's attention!" I roll my eyes. Pathetic...that's the most pathetic rules I've ever heard and I think getting demerit for bringing cell phones to the Academy is a bit more sensible. I watch the girls putting on they're make-up. The girl 'who is in charge' is putting way too much eye shadows and maroon lipstick? Seriously....she's putting on an old lady's colour! She also got too many blushes on her cheeks. On her blonde curly hair, there is like two large hair clips, both in orange colour and I notice she put glitters on her face and hair. I pity her for becoming a make-up victim in other word...a clown. I hold my laugh....and suddenly the classroom starts to rumble. Is it an earthquake? No...It's the students...They quickly arrange the chairs and desks, they hide their make-ups and accessories in their desks and lockers and race back to their seats. They also wash away their make-up.

    Five seconds later, a fat, stern looking woman comes in. She carries a big bag and a long stick. I guess it's for punishing the students. "Good morning girls. I am Mrs. Gills. I hope you don't bring make-ups or any unnecessary things to class today like the other day. I don't want undisciplined girls in this Academy or else...", She hit the stick on the teacher's desk."...Justice will serve". She gives us a scary-looking smile but I'm not scare at all and what's with the 'justice will serve' statement...

    The lessons begin. She teaches Mathematics-my most hated subject but I keep concentrating even though I don't want to. Then, she call out my name to answer a question. As I about to answer... "Ms.Peterson! You know I don't like students bringing make-ups to my class!" I am shock. "But...but ...I don't bring or wear any make-up! I swear..."."Then what's that on your lips?" I touched my lips. I sighed. Things like this have always been a misunderstanding. "Ma'am, I 'm not wearing a lipstick. It's just my lips natural colour. It's already in this colour at the time I was born. "I reply softly. She walks towards me and touch my lips with her finger. "My...you're right .I am sorry for the misunderstanding". I sit down and the lesson continues. Now, everyone is watching me....and I feel irritated.

    Next is art class. The art teacher is so freaky. He skips and some at the time talks like Shakespeare and we don't understand a damn about it. I think he's from Paris or somewhere in Europe. "Today we'll do rough sketching and of course...a volunteer." "Oh sir, pick me!" "No! Me!!"
    The shouts and screams of the girls echo in the room. I notice the art teacher is staring at me. "Oh my eyes!Is this true? An angel this room. Your skin is as pale as the moon. Your hair is as black as ebony. Your eyes are like the shining sapphire. Men are crazy for lips like thee....Why Mademoiselle, your perfect! Will you be our subject for art today?" he pleaded. The crazy makes me want to laugh but I only nod. So, I walk to the center and sit on a chair politely and everyone start to sketch me. Yes...I admit... I am what they call 'goddess from heaven' or but I know there are many people out there more beautiful than me. Once again, I am annoyed.

    After everything is done, they all send their sketches. He looks disappoint. "What's wrong Sir? You don't like our sketches?", a black girl asks. "I try to understand. The sketches are not as perfect as Ms. Peterson. Her beauty is untraceable", he said proudly. I can see some of the girls are not satisfied. I tried to feel proud but I was taught to be humble.

    Through all the periods, the teachers praise my beauty but I don’t like it. I’m not being proud or anything. I don't want to be snobbish or place for jealousy. You see…I've heard it every time I went to tea parties with my mother and she's so proud for giving birth to me. "Your mom must be very proud and happy for having a beautiful child like you" "Yeah, you're lucky you don't have to put make-up or lipstick." "How many boyfriends do you have?" One by one praises and comments come hitting me. Even girls from the next class come to meet me. A girl comes running to me for an autograph. Now that's just awkward....I've already faced the same thing when I am in elementary. It's the first day in school and I already gain popularity.

    "Haven't I told you about the rules!!!??" a voice comes from behind me. "What's with you, Kate? Jealous?",my new friend Hanna said. "No I am NOT!!".Then the battle begins. First, it is shouting and then throwing books at each other face and then they start roll on the floor. Kate pulls Hanna's hair and Hanna kicks Kate's stomach and so on. I try to stop the fight and ended up getting into it. Suddenly Kate takes out a blade from her pencil case. "IF I CAN'T GET ATTENTION, NOBODY CAN!!" She's a psycho! I quickly take out a pepper spray and spray it to her eyes. "Good job Erica but why did you bring pepper spray in the first place?" I giggle."I have certain reason for bringing it along" Kate screams in pain and drops her blade. Hanna runs to find the discipline teacher and some security guards, just in case, to 'arrest' Kate.