• "AHHHHH!!!",screamed Xajenn as she fell towards the blue-green planet of Gaia."I should've asked for my wings!",thought Xajenn frantically,but thankfully,God teleported her to Gaia. Xajenn sweatdropped,looked at the portal that God had made,and asked,"Milord,couldn't you have used that portal thingy before I started to fall?".God laughed and said,"My child,you can fly without your wings." Xajenn facefaulted embarrassedly," So I could've flown at anytime?" "Yep.",God said casually. Xajenn decided to change the subject and asked ," So Milord,what is this quest?" "Your Quest is to relive your live.You see,in you lies a great power,but that power could only be accesed on Gaia,therefor,your mission is to live on Gaia as a High School Student. Which means you have to go to school...Again." Xajenn groaned,"Great,the Human's greatest torture method...School!" "But," God said," You will have to live by yourself,so I've rented you an Apartment.but don't worry about the rent money,I've got you covered." Xajenn smiled and said,"Thanks Dad!" as God was heading toward Heaven,but God teleported her to her new apartment.Xajenn gasped as she as she looked at the Living Room which had an Ocean mural painted on the walls and every nicknack,lamp,and even the carpet was ocean themed. Next she looked in the kitchen,which was done in a Rain Forest theme(Xajenn:*Sees Monkeys in the mural* Yay! biggrin ), and last was her room which had a Forest mural,along with a pack of white furred,golden-eyed wolves(Xajenn: Squee! ^^). Later that day, Xajenn got hungry and decided to make something to eat,but there was one slight problem: She didn't know how to use any of the utensils that she was given! "How hard can it be?",thought Xajenn.

    Three hours later
    "Toasters are EVVVVVIIIILLLL!!!",cried Xajenn while stabbing said Toaster with her Sword,but the burning toaster hit her in the face and she was knocked unconscious.