• I was found by her majesty herself. The soul queen of the soul society. I quickly became her daughter. She knew I wasn't a normal child. I had the strange ability to control ice and water. Well at first. The the wise man called it soul elements. The first one to show up was my strongest one. Then I learned wind, lighting, earth, fire, sand, and shadow. The soul king loved me too. I knew that I wouldn't be able to take over the thrown but I still was a soul princess. I learned how to sense people with the wind as my eyes. When I was around twelve I told my mom that I was going to enter in the soul academy to become a soul reaper.
    "Kenya my daughter why do you want to become a soul reaper?'
    "Cause mom if I want to be able to learn how to fight. Plus I know I won't be able to take over the thrown. So I want to go no one knows my name so I'll use my real name Kenya Hyake."
    "Fine I'll have Riku take you there and watch over you. He'll be your brother. That's an order Riku," she said.
    "Yes ma'am," he said.
    I entered into the soul academy and quickly became the youngest captain in soul reaper history. In the academy when everyone was learning shikai I was learning bankai. Riku was surprised how quickly I was advancing. I quickly became the most powerful soul reaper in the soul society. Captain Azien always freaked me out. He just seemed like a real freaky a** dude. Every guy in the soul society had a crush on me. I had silver hair pulled back in a twist tie. Then bandages rapped around my breasts that are D size. Then I have two ribbon going all the way up to my right cheek meeting with the moon as a tattoo. Then what got my nickname as the ice captain not just by my zanpuckto but my icy blue eyes. My zanpuckto is named Misuki just like me it can control ice. Soon I got promoted to be a royal guard. Riku came with to the castle. My mom was so thrilled to see how much I have grown and how pretty I have become.
    "My little moon kissed girl. I love you but you must work as a royal guard. I will talk to you like this once in a while I'm just happy you safe and alive," she said.
    "Thanks mom," I smiled back at her.
    I loved working as a royal gurad. They all who knew I was. They all respected me on a different level now. Then Azien escaped the night that I went to the soul society to congratulate my lieutenant for getting my position of captain of squad ten. I was beaten by Azien and raped.
    "Kenya sweetie I don't want Azien to find you again. He wants your powers. Escape to the world of the living and live a free life," my mom said.
    "Mom this will not break my will I will find him again and then kill him. He dare go after me I'll kill him," I said.
    "Kenya my moon kissed girl now don't think every guy is like that. The wise man said you'll find someone in the the world of the living," she said.
    "I know it doesn't change anything. I'm not weak no offense mom I won't hate guys and I still want to have sex mom," I said in my smart a** tone.
    "Now now don't say that to your dad he'll flip a new one," she laughed.
    That was probably that last time I heard my mom in eighteen years. I know as soon as this Azien thing blows over I'll be able to see her. I was living on the streets when a women from a town called Grass Valley asked if I wanted to live with her.
    "You know I'm not human I'm a soul reaper and a soul princess," I said.
    "I know I can tell by you aura I don't care come live with me," she said.
    I went with her she was telling me about a boy that was my age that I would love to meet me. She tried to get me out of the house. When I went to the world of the living I somehow went back to my twelve year old self. The next six years I was childhood friends with AJ. In junior year high school he finally asked me out. At my school I was know as the ice queen for my eyes again. AJ knew my secret too. He loved my soul reaper form I used to kill hallows that came after me. But I had to watch how much spiritual pressure I used because I didn't want the Espada to find me. I know that AJ is my soul mate that my mom was talking about. This year we are seniors and I was glad that I went to the world of the living.
    "Hey Kenya that Azien guy that hurt you have you even seen him since that night?" AJ asked.
    "No I'm glad he's strong but I'm stronger. Though he would use my weakness against me I know that," I said.
    "I love you baby," he said.
    "Love you too honey," I said.
    He kissed me before he went into his house. I made sure he went in before I left the drive way. I was turning around when I felt a strong spiritual pressure. I quickly got out of the car switched to my soul reaper form. I had Misuki in her shikai form and hoping what ever that was I wasn't to late to help them...