• The cyclops was braking free of the chain, so was the wolf. "I think we might need to use magic this time, Kazune." I told him. He nodded, and the cyclops broke free. "I'll take the big guy!" Kazune said and conjured fire to burn the cyclops. The wolf came after me, and I saw something in his eyes. I jumped as the wolf snatched out at me. But, he jumped too, and slashed out at me, I didn't get away this time. I fell down and hit the ground hard, so hard the floor around me was cracked and sunken lower into the ground. The wolf was standing over me, showing it's teeth. "Sakura!" Kazune yelled using his scife to keep the cyclops's fist from crushing him. I reached my hand up to put it on top of the wolf's head. "What the hell are you doing?" Kazune yelled at me. I petted the wolf's head and he began to calm down. "Don't worry" I told the wolf in a calm voice while sitting up "I won't hurt you" The wolf bent down his head, licked my cheek, and rubbed his head against my stomach. I looked into it's eyes and it looked into mine. The bond was made. I loo ked at Kazune, and the wolf joined into the battle. I smiled and joined in as well. In the end, the wolf was able to deliever the final strike. Blood was everywhere, much more than before. "So, what happened between you and wolfy over there?" Kazune asked me, looking from me to the wolf. "We made a bond. Basically it means I can understand him, he can understand me, our souls are basically intertwined." Kazune pulled a face "I think I'm a bit jeaulus" he said. I sighed "Anyway, we better get into the room." Kazune nodded. Then, we opened the doors, and there she was. She backed up against the wall and her eyes were completely scared. "How did you get past the-" then she saw who I was riding on, the wolf. Then she saw the body of the cyclops. "Where's the cd disk you stole?" asked Kazune. She didn't speak. I read her mind and found out where it was. In a box under the bed. I slid off the wolf and went under the bed. "Hey-" she said but Kazune put his scife in front of her. "Find it yet?" he asked me. I came out of the bed holding a small brown box, with a lid. "Yes." I said, opened the box and took out the disk. "What are you two?" she said fear lingering in her voice. "We're vampire asasins" Kazune said and killed her. Her scream was loud and full of agony and fear. Kazune took her head. "Let's go." he said. We went to the randevouse point (The guys were scared of Natsume, the wolf). After we got our money we went home and I went on our roof, which is where Kazune and Natsume found me. "Something wrong?" Kazune asked, sitting closely next to me. Natsume lied down and put his head on my lap. I petted it and said "I was thinking, maybe we should join my sister and the others" Kazune looked at me as if I was crazy. "Are you insane?!" I looked at him, and said seriously "I think, I'm finally becoming sane." I said. "You're seriouse about this." he said. I nodded, and Natsume looked up at me. Kazune grabbed my hand and smiled at me "Where you go, I go. Call your sister, tell her we said yes." I kissed him tenderly and then put my head on his shoulder and said "Thank you" and we sat there as the sun came up.

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