• Charlie, now confined to her rooms by her parents for the trouble she caused in class, laid back in bed.
    "Charlie," Lyxander started.
    "Whatever it is I-"
    Lyxander cut her off with a kiss, leaving her speechless.
    "Charlie, I'm sorry." He said chokedly, tears brimming the empty darkness of his eyes. "I can't stay with you anymore."
    "But why? I thought-"
    "Charlie, you're too old for me. You can take care of yourself now."
    He kissed her softly.
    "Don't leave me!" Charley cried, throwing herself into his arms and crying into his chest as he faded into nothing.
    "Goodbye." were their last words to eachother, and all that reminded her of him was the pain, the emptyness he left her with.