• He felt taken back slightly at his lack of an opponent, just slightly. The monkey was facing off with prince. The brothers were being brothers. The two nicest people in their groups were battling in such a way it almost looked like a dance. It was strange, and a relief, that his little annoyance wasn't around.
    Quietly standing back against the wall, he watched the three fights rage on. Calmly he took out a cig and lit, taking a drag. Off somewhere near by in the castle came a loud crash, an all to familiar voice let out a scream that was cut short, and maniacal laughter. It made even his heart skip a beat.
    All three battles came to a sudden stop. A look of horror came across the face of the prince. He turned towards the source of the sounds.
    "It... It can't..." he said before running off down the hallway towards the noises. As he ran, the prince was crying out for someone.
    "Please excuse me!" the only lady in the fight bowed to her partner and ran after the prince.
    "We'll settle this later ok bro?" the man in the other pair said before running after the other two.
    "I wonder what's wrong..." the monkey said walking up to the smoking man. The other two men approached also showing concern for their opponents. Something wasn't right, they might be enemies but not by choice.
    "That scream sounded like..." one started to say.
    "Who cares, lets get moving and finish this damn thing..." the smoking man cut in. "We have a job to finish remember."
    The three exchanged glances, the scentence didn't need to be finished. They all knew how it was going to end.
    The monkey and the redhead turned towards the hallway the others ran down as the sound of crumbling stone echoed their way, soon followed by a scream of agony and frustration.
    "Tch..." Reaching up the sleeve he pulled out a pack of smokes and removed another one. There were only four left after this one. He'd have to make them last if he wanted one when they got out of there. Slowly he began moving forward as the smoke was lit.
    "NO!!" one of the others cried out followed by the familiar sound of gunfire. The smoking man was thrown to the floor and someone fell upon him. He watched as the light faded from the emrald green eyes that looked down upon him, and the face that smiled.