• all around me i hear gun fire. i than saw this light, it was just so phenominal. i started to walk towards it and my body twisted, turned and dissembled. i was in a world. a world like the regular one but empty. i started to walk around and noticed a few animals so i thought it must not be that empty. i walked into a building and from wall to wall there were animals feeding one each other. carnivores feeding and wat i thought were hebivores feeding on each other. i took a step back and the floor squeaked all the animals looked up.i realized they all had black eyes with red pupils. i just started running i dont know where i just did. i could hear them getting closer and closer. i ripped a grenade off my belt leveng the pin with my belt and threw it back. there was an explosion. i could hear the animals stillchasing but it wasnt as loud so i thought there must not be as many now. the grenade gave me enought time to run into a another building and lock it. i got lucky this time there were no animlas in here. i couldnt go back out there i was just to terrified. right than i fell asleep
    i awoke and my watched had stopped. it had stopped on 11:11am. i didnt even remember goin to sleep. i do know one thing i nearly had a heart attack wen i awoke. i had awoke next to one of the animals. it was a fox and it was sleeping with its eyes wide open. surely enough it had black eyes and red pupils.i slit it's neck to kill it and was on my way.
    ii decided to keep the fox for later because i had found out that all the shops were empty and had no food. wen it came to nightfall i found a building with no animals in it and made myself a fire on ground level.i cooked the fox and started to eat it. after i was done i dried it up and packed it in my bag for later the next day. after that i decided to go wash my face and wen i looked in the mirror my eyes were being dominated by black. my pupils had already turned red. ii thought of how it must have been caused by eating that animal. finially my eyes were just like theres and than i started to change. my body was morphing. than everything went dead. i had lost my body completely. i was one of them. i was a bright red fox