• "DAD" I yelled form the kitchen.
    It was seven in the morning and my head was really killing me. my dad came in with the whole -what-happened-and-did-you-break-your-mothers-china- look. He saw that i was bleeding from my forhead and quickly grabbed a washcloth from one of the draws.
    "what happened, Vasra?" he said patting my forhead.
    "Like i'm suppose to know. i woke up and when i walked into the kitchen then saw that my head was bleeding like crazy in the mirror." I said crossong my arms.
    "Hmmmmm, that is very odd...did you hit your head on something last night?"
    "not that i know of, father." I said
    He know that when i called him father and not dad that i was almost to the point where i was going to hit something.so he quickly grabbed a nice soft feather pillow and i gladly beat the crap out of it. My mom walked in and saw feathers were every on the floor.
    "Vasra did you beat up my feather pillow again?" she said looking at me and not my dad.
    "he grabbed it !" i said pointing at dad
    I quickly got out of therr cause i knew what was going to happen next. the second i stepped into my room i heard nome of the china break. Then to my amazment my best friend Stacii was sitting on my bed.
    "How in gods name did you get in stacii?" i asked
    "through your window, you know you should keep that locked." she said smiling
    I sighed and walked into my closet. she followed cause she loved being in my really huge closet. I think of it as the closet from The Princes diarys 2 -yes i've seen that movie- so soon after i chose what i was going to wear for the day -a Hello Kitty shirt and light wash boot cut jeans- me and stacii got out of the house through the window -one floor homes rule- and walked through the garden of la mom, we traveled to the mall and spent sometime there...