• I sat in my room, each passing minute seeming like an eternity. Could time go faster? I was laying on my bed with my hands held toghter over my stomach. A smile was painted across my lips. I stare at the celing, bored out of my mind.

    My imagination took over. What if the moonlight that creeped through my bedroom window was a person? Usual. Quite accually. I scoffed at myself, but continued my train of thoughts.

    His silvery hair would shine in any light, like the ocean. His skin the color of the moonless night. His eyes would be like the twinkling stars that I wish upon ever night.

    He'd sit on my window sill, waiting for me to fall asleep. I stare at him, too tired to fall asleep. He only smiles arrogently and my eyes flutter shut and my heart begins to race. The moonlight had taken my breath away.

    He'd enter my childhood dreams, making them sweet with love and kindness. He'd help me out of the nightmares that scare me awake. Why is moonlight so kind? I will never know.

    I'd wake up after he leaves my window. A kiss upon my eyes to keep me asleep before he leaves. I awake and the dear moonlight is gone, with his twinkling eyes.

    Alas I fell asleep, dreaming of the dear moonlight boy who slips into my room each night. He who is my hero. He who stole the breath of a dreaming girl.