• Diabolicaly calculated or just a coincidence? I thought to myself As i squealed to a stop underneath the overpass of the Harbor Freeway I looked around and noticed road blocks had been set up which caused a change of pattern in the traffic around the storage units lights flashed strobbing the street and the cement pilings that held up the cavernous concrete and steel structure. On lookers, most with cellphones taking pictures, gathered around the facility yucked beneath the on ramp to the 110. Two officers were directing traffic waving vehicles into the lane that was open as drivers gawked and slowed, which was a threat to major traffic. Other uniformed officers guarded the storage units entrance which was strung with yellow crime scene tape. Effectively, orange traffic cones and barricades forced the curious out. Tires singing, engines rumbling, causing a defeaning noise. People gathered as vehicles rushed overhead. A news van emblazoned in red containing several satellite dishes was stationed three fourths of a block up. A helicopter for another television station hovered ahead the whir of it rotors where silenced by the din of the freeway. I double parked near a crime scene van and made my way through police cars passed the SID van. I saw the investigators from the Scientific Investigative Division were already working on searching for footprints, handprints, hairs, or any kind of hint evidence that might provide clues to the killers identity photographs were taken and a videographer filmed, as measurments were taken. As I looked upward I searched for a security camera I found one but unfortunately it was broken the camera hung at an akward position Oh well.... I thought "take a look" i heard some one call out to me I turned, I braced myself as i kept my eyes away from the victims for an instance I looked at the dusty cement floor. After all of these years I wasstill a bit uncomfortable around dead bodies. Death bothered me it got under my skin, stabbed into my brain and lingered there for days. I usually managed to hide it but tonight was different I took a deep breath i looked down at the defiled corpses of twin girls they seemed barely out of their teens. I couldnt mask the raw pain that stabbed at me quickly. They had been laid out purposefully, gagged and bound, naked, curled into fetal position ligature marks and some bruises were visible on their necks under the glare of a lightbulb facing each other their eyes open each girl stared sightlessly at her twin. So pale was their skin it seemed blue. Both victims hair had been pulled away from their faces and was tied with a long red ribbon which bound them together. Their position resembled two macabre wraiths gazing into a mirror. They were staged to look as if they were still in the womb. My jaws tightened "Any ID?" i questioned "Yes..all their belongings are over there" Including their birth certificates, the times of birth highlighted in pink. A tidy crime scene i thought as i saw the clothing and personal belongings of the two girls in neatly folded stacks. I thought as i leaned over the clothes hmm pink maybe its the same ink that will b found on the girls bodies. The photographs were taken as where the body temperatures recorded. The victims were ready to be moved. As they were laid to their backs I noticed it...numbers and letters scrawled across each torso. just under their breasts. Each victim was marked with her time of birth 21 years ago and her time of death this morning which was exactly 21 years later to the minute I felt cold inside despite the stifling suffocating heat of the small enclosure. The girls were born 12 minutes apart. Both had exactly lived 21 years.

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