• Humans are intellectual, yet emotional. There‚Äôs no doubt about it. If a person kills another, what would the victim's parents do? Certainly, the parents would like the murderer to suffer for their actions.

    I was only twelve years old when I witnessed my first trial. My parents were lawyers. At that time, the court was discussing about a trial about, of course, a murder.

    "Then why did you kill him, Ms. Sullivan! If you truly believed that the war could have been ended in another way, then why?" said my mother, 29 at the time.

    The way she stood out there, it was marvolous. Her black vinyl suit, with a short-cut black skirt, plus a marvelous figure. The way she was interrogating the woman, I was proud to be her child.

    The murderer being interrogated was Athna Sullivan, a national hero here in Ire. Daughter of Abigail Sullivan, the famous Knight of the Ice Kingdom. Her profile was full of many good deeds, and was known as the only child ever to break the "5-year age line" law. Indeed, it was seven years ago when I was able to use my power as an Wind Element.

    An Element is a supernatural being that controls one of seven nature's elemens: Fire, water, earth, thunder, wind, nature, and ice. They may look, and think much alike a human, but are a complete different species.

    But why is a national hero on trial? Well, the parents of the murderee, Alicia and Felix Spinnet, accussed Sullivan of murder. Their plain little faces, full of rage, was visible at the right table, where they were right in front of me.

    What surprised me the most was that under the heavy circumstance, Athna Sullivan smiled. She smiled, one that was impossible not to see.

    "I killed him because he was a crude prat" she stood up and rolled up her left sleeve.

    I gasped. Her arm was full of battle scars

    "See this large gash over here?" she said, pointing to the scar over the elbow "This is the result of what happened after a very nasty push"

    Felix Spinnet abruptlly stood up and shouted "You're accusing my late son over something that happened long ago? Outrageous!!"

    A few loud claps from my mother "Please sit down, Mr. Spinnet"

    The accuser obedientialy sat down in a stubborn and figedty way.

    My mother turned to Sullivan again. "So you killed him out of revenge, is that it Ms. Sullivan?"

    The defandent nodded a no "No, it wasn't that. The ones who are truly in sadness here today are Deuce's parents"

    The whole room went silent at this appeal. Even the parents of the victim.

    "It is true that I did indeed killed him. But it was because things... they just couldn't be helped. I'm sorry to say this, Mr. and Mrs. Spinnet, but it was either one life went down, or everyone's lives here in Ire would've evaporated. Even yours"

    Alicia Spinnet broke into a sob of tears. Felix sighed, as he patted his wife's back, trying to comfort her. They knew from the beginning that they would never win, especially against their late son's rival.

    "So, we find the accused not guilty of any charges?" said the judge.

    The crowd nodded yes, even myself.

    "Athna Sullivan is free of all charges. Court dismissed"

    It was almost nighttime and the two of us went home together after such a long time.

    "Mom, I don't get it. If the parents are angry, why did they just give up like that?" I asked

    My mother faced the night sky as she replied "Sometimes, some things can't be helped, as Sullivan said"

    I frowned "I still don't get it. If I lost you to a deliberate murder, I'd be mad as well"

    She then laughed "That's because you're still young. You'll understand when you're older"

    There was that line again. I sighed.

    "Well, if you really want to know,.. It was because no matter how hard they try, even if they kill that person who hurt them, their son won't come back alive to them. Now the vicitm's parents would be the murderers of another victim, and the cycle of hatred would never end. What's done is done"

    From that moment I learned that revenge isn't as sweet as people always says it is. At some point, when the situation gets too bad, the person is full of sadness, hatred, plus guilt.

    Most people don't think about what will happen afterwords, they just care about the now. Just as humans care about the people that are close around them, and not to the people who are living in poverty, the homeless, the sick, and as well as to those who are in need of desperate help.

    Up to this day, I have been dedicating my life to help as many people as I can. Giving donations, helping to those who need it [even to the murderers]. After all, everyone is just, and will always be, a human.