• The Maxwell House Part 12

    Maria was on her 4th day of staying at Crimson Castle. It was one more day then she had planned on...4 more days then anyone in the castle knew about, besides Daniel that is. Maria was laying in the bare arms of Daniel. Somewhere along the line of her searching for the truth about Drake she had lost herself to passion, as did Daniel.

    Daniel watched Maria watch him. Guilt would of been boiling in the pit of his stomach if it weren't for the fact he didn't have a soul. None the less he knew he had to tell her the truth. Daniel knew Maria was looking for some connection with Drake, he knew that was what she desperately desired. Daniel also knew that if Maria never knew the truth...she would never understand either him or Drake.

    Daniel gently brushed back a bit of Maria's hair an gazed into her curious eyes. "Maria, I lied to you.. about Drake and I... there was no sibling rivalry...we were orphans and loved each other very much... I was his big brother and he looked up to me. The real truth is, I let him down."

    Daniel explained everything to Maria. He explained how they lived in a small town name Aiud about 50 years ago. He explained his worries about the growing thirst withing both of them, how rats an other small animals would soon be insufficient. Daniel explained to her about the snowy night when Drake killed the family of five, and the next night when Kara sent Drake to live with the Abandoned and how she whisked himself away to live in luxury in the castle with her, as some sick joke.

    Maria's mind began to buzz with thoughts, thoughts that caused her hands to shake and her stomach to roll. 50 years ago a young Maria lived with her mother, father, and two older brothers in the tiny town of Aiud. They lived a happy quiet life until one day her entire family was killed. Maria herself was left for dead. She remembered the boiling sensation in the small amount of the blood she had left... The confusion the numb pain caused her until she passed out. Daniel's story began to fill in the many blanks. Maria remembered a young boy with silver hair. At first she thought he was an angel, so perfect and lovely, until she saw blood smeared on his pants and forehead. Kara found her 2 days later and ordered her servants to take her to live with the Abandoned. When Maria arrived she saw Drake an felt an instant connection with him. Now she understood everything. She understood who gave her this life of eternal death, and why she always felt so close to Drake. He made her... He was her sire...

    Without a word Maria pulled herself out of Daniel's bed. she found her clothes and dressed quickly. before she could get to the door Daniel caught her by a shaking hand. He pulled her close and looked in her eyes once more.

    "Something more is wrong then the story...isn't it?" He said in a knowing voice

    "The family.... your brother killed... was my family. I didn't die...I didn't die Daniel! Your brother, young, stupid, selfishly craving blood.... stole mine! And my families! And Kara put us in the same branch on purpose to mess with us! I know she did! She played me like a pawn! And Drake! Your brother is my sire... your story explains it all... I didn't die Daniel..." Maria's voice broke into sobs, Daniel hugged her close, trying to calm her.

    Maria pulled away from Daniel and pushed him away. She ran out of the room and soon made he way out to the front of the castle. Maria was going home. She had to confront her beloved Drake... She had to confront her sire.