• Her leather high heel boots treaded along the watery sidewalk, a slight bounce in her step.


    She tightend her grasp on her umbrella, afraid it would slip out of the grasp of her cotton gloves, allowing even the smallest drops of rain to drop onto her nice, dry head.


    "Today has been a good day." She spoke to no-one, and smiled at nothing in particular.
    She wraped her coat closer to her body, burrying her face into her red scarf.
    "I better call Jane when I get home. She'll be wanting to hear the good news!"
    She felt eager to return to the warmth of her house, to her safety.
    She paused along her walk to check her bag. Did she forget-- no, no. It's still there. Good, it would be bad if she were to lose that!

    She looked away from her shoulder bag, ready to move on.
    She almost continued walking home.
    Until she realised.


    She turned around, expecting to see someone casually walking along the sidewalk too.
    Strange, she hadn't heard anyone else until now.
    She hadn't seen anyone...
    The lack of another person walking along in plain view made her uneasy.


    Was it just the rain she was hearing, dripping?
    No, it was too loud for that, too heavy.

    She shook her head. "Nothing." she thought to herself. "Stop worrying yourself!"
    She walked somewhat faster, however.

    Plish Plish Plish.

    As she spead up, the footsteps copied, following the direction she moved towards.


    The eerie feel of the night provided her with knots in her stomach.
    She continued to speed up her pace, doing her best to stick to streetlights, well aware that those streetlights would become few once she became closer to her home in the small village; surely it was better to get there sooner, however.


    She was almost running, now. The footsteps copied.
    She wanted to stick closer to the houses.. But the gaps inbitween others' homes provided perfect alleys, easy to be pushed or dragged into, away from any form of rescue.
    She ran through the objects of her bag in her mind, trying to think of anything thatn could double as a weapon...
    Tic Tacs! To the eye!.. No, there was nothing she could use effectively.
    Dammit, dammit, dammit! Why didn't she think about things like this?
    It's always the kind of thing you hear happening to someone else, but why did SHE have to be SOMEONE ELSE to some one else??

    her heart was pounding. She splashed water from puddles into her boots as she ran. She could hear the steps coming closer. The things that could go wrong ran through her head.
    She was so aware of the steps coming closer, yet she couldn't outrun them.


    Why her?? of all possible people! What had she done to deserve such a afte! What had she done to deserve such an experience! or.. Ending?
    She didn't want this!! She didn't want any of this to be real!


    "Wake up! You're dreaming! This isn't happening! Wake up!! Her attemps at calming herself only made her more frantic.


    She could hear them, so much faster than her...
    She kept running...
    She wanted to call out but her voice wasn't working...
    She could feel his presence...


    She felt it.

    she felt her arm, being grabbed.

    She felt her entire body being turned around.

    Behind her.

    To the owner of the footsteps.

    To her death?

    To the end of her life?

    would she rather that than anything else?

    Would she rather death than living with the memory of this night?

    This night that was so perfect?

    That was going to end with her so happy?

    She didn't want any of it.
    So she did what she should've done a long time ago.
    She screamed.
    She screamed, and thrashed, and kicked, and struggled out of the grip of this stalker.

    And then she heard four letters that made her freeze.
    One word that made her stop screaming.
    One word that made her stop thrashing, kicking and struggling.
    One name that made her open her squeezed shut eyes to her stalker, and stare at him.



    Her boss.

    her boss was stalking her.


    "God, Lucy, are you alright??"

    She just stared at him.

    "Are you hurt?"

    her boss probably wasn't stalking her if he asked "Are you hurt?". Not many potentiel murders or kidnappers ask "Are you feeling alright? Good, then get in the van."
    It dawned on her it had been more than 10 seconds and she hadn't replied.

    "Sorry! Sorry! I'm fine! Yep! Great!"

    She just looked at her.

    She looked back at him.

    "i'll walk you home. it isn't safe to wander around so late. You might get kidnapped, knowing you!"
    he laughed.
    She laughed out of awkwardness, then sighed to herself.

    Stupid bosses stalking her and trying to kidnap and murder her..