• Hi, I'm Aliya. My teacher Ms.Ronni is not the happiest with her class.
    She's quite strict with her rules, and if you keep breaking them, she'll yell at the whole class.
    I'm in her class, and as you can see, she's not specifically mean to me.
    One day, she was so mad, she pounded her fist hard. So hard, Nina, a student who was walking across the room, fell with a 'thud!'

    That night she thought of an idea that would occur the next day. How do I know this? Because my friend, Mariah, is her daughter. The idea is called no rules day.

    The next morning in school, she yelled at the whole class, ''Hey! Everybody listen! Today is no rules day!''
    The whole class went quite, then started whispering, ''What's no rules day?'' Ms. Ronni heard them and said, ''You don't have to whisper, you can just scream,
    WHATS NO RuLe'S DaY!''

    The whole class actually listend to her, and everybody was shocked to hear her scream.
    Remember, I said that she yelled at the class, not screamed.
    Then one kid yelled, ''Oh, OK, um... then lets have a food fight in the cafeteria!
    And whats his name... Oh! Gordan, said,''And I want to see a fight in the school hallway at 12:00pm!
    ''OK, If you want to,'' said Ms.Ronni, and tried to keep her frown away. She really didn't want it to pop up today.

    In the cafeteria, Ronathon threw a peice of food at Glenda, a good witch of the school in Fifth grade, and Shashe saw Ronathon and
    yelled, ''Food Fight!'' Glenda might be a good witch, but when people attack her castle (Dress) she sends her winkies (Friends) to go tell that person to stop bothering her.

    Those are a few of the people I don't like. Ronathon and Gordan.
    All of the people that are mean to me are, Mamy, the wicked witch of the west, Lio, the wicked witch of the east,and Sashe, the wicked witch of the south. Those are the girls I don't like.The boys I don't like are, The grumpy old King, Gordan, Whats his name...it was on the tip of my tongue... Oh!Ronathon, The grumpy young prince of Far Far away-ville, He's has a big head (Literally) and he's kind-of short. I call him short and stubby man with the big head. Balonzo, The guy who's a Hip-Hop dancer slash weirdo, Oh, yeah, and one more thing I have to say about Lio. I call her Lio yippe-yi-yo-yo.

    At twelve o' clock, Gordan got what he wanted. A little 4th grade boy who is a nerd and doesn't have very much
    muscle, just wanted to have more than zero friends, so he said to some boy named Huh, Um... Oh, yeah. Balunoo, (kind of sounds like
    baloon to me) that he was gonna fight Shashe. Well, Um, he actually did, and lets just say that it didn't work out so good, and I
    never new Shashe was such a good puncher.

    The class lined up in a up-down-whichever-way- line, and walked back to their class room
    by their selves. I don't trust my class, except one girl named Miranda. She's the best in our class,
    and she doesn't get into all the shenanigans that go on in our class, She heard everybody before lunch,
    and since she didn't want to get the prettiest dress I've ever seen, dirty, she just ate from her lunch box in
    the classroom. She just sits in her desk and actually does the work assigned to do, and is quite most of the time,
    she only talks a little at lunch, but since she didn't go, I expect she just sat on the carpet and ate her lunch
    bored, perhaps reading a book from our classes book-boxes. I really don't think that even that there's a lot of excitement
    around her, she doesn't really have much safe and educational fun herself.

    I think, that if everyday we had no rules, that people would be getting killed around here.
    It's a good thing my dad has a gun.
    Oops, I wasn't supposed to say that.
    Anyway, to finish the fight, obviously, Sashe won. It's not that she's smarter, which I doubt that,
    It's that she tougher and stronger, And she's not smart in anything else but fighting.
    She loves fighting. In class, she brings her fighting books from home and reads them at school for
    reading time.

    To all the dorks out there, don't want friends if you don't have any. Maybe another dork.
    That will just give you a face-over.
    What I mean by that is that you're going to be punched until your brains fall out.
    But, at least with your brains out you won't be a dork slash nerd anymore.
    You'll just be like Cronni Thumpback. She's the most dumbest girl in the school.
    And if she was a boy, she would be the most dumb boy!
    Anyway, don't get into a fight just because you want friends.
    You'll find one...eventually.

    Back to the story.
    The class pretty much didn't learn anything today,
    and now the days over.
    all we did after the fight was do whatever wanted,
    which in this class, is pretty much just more fighting.
    But I guess all tell you what the class did.
    So that this story doesn't get boring, I'll try to tell it fast.


    I feel, that tomorrow will be worse...

    I was right. Sadly. I never wanted this to happen, but everybody except me
    and Mariah, Lephanie, Sachel, and Carian, got a referral.
    I think some people in the class deserve them,
    for being mean, but some of them, not so much.

    Samryn, that day, was not
    that happy with herself.
    If she hadn't been cheering Shashe on,
    she wouldn't have been in the classroom,
    with the other kids who behaved well yesterday.
    See, now shes not mean, or friends with, Mariah.
    It's quite useful.
    Because I'm pretty sure yesterday I would have done something
    that would give me a pass to having a referral today.

    Their was only one good part of that day.
    With all the people I don't like out of the class,
    It was quite and their were only the people I do like
    in the class. And, for reward of being good,
    we all got to write about whatever we wanted.
    Today was supposed to be a testing day,
    so instead of using the computers for testing,we got to
    use them for playing games and some typing!

    After I was done typing, Ms. Ronni said I could share to her
    and my friends what I
    wrote. I think I will. It will be cool
    for them to hear what I wrote. In fact, I think I'll
    read this. ''Um, O.K, I guess I'll start.
    Hi, I'm Aliya. My teacher Ms. Ronni is not the happiest
    with her class. She quite strict with her rules and If you
    keep breaking them, she'll yell at the whole class...''

    ''Well, everybody liked my story. So, I guess I just have to go play on the computer.
    I never read my Story, to my self, so you ask why I can't do that?
    Everybody else got back and found out about my story because Shashe was reading it.
    Shashe yelled out that she was reading ''No Rules Day'' and everybody heard her.
    Things travel fast in this class.''
    ''Don't tell me you haven't heard of it!?''
    said Ms. Ronni. ''Do you like me to yell? If you do, then have yourself a great time.
    Today is not No Rules Day people! That was yesterday, Remember? You probably all do!
    Now, If you miss behave on the next No Rules Day, You'll find yourself with detention!
    Suspension! Deportation! And I'll call you're mom and we'll have a very sad conference.'' said Ms. Ronni. Sternly, Angrily, Annoyed, Frustrated!

    Do you remember ''No Rules Day?''
    If you do, please try to forget it.
    If you remember, you might have night mares.
    If you don't remember, good. But If your lexile is
    500 or under, I can see why you wouldn't remember it.
    Do a little more reading! Jeesh.

    Well, today is a new day. Fresh, even though the air is not.
    It stinks in this school! And so does everybody in it.
    I have good news a bad news. The good news is that there are two new kids that just came to my school today!
    The bad news is that there is a girl one and a boy one.
    And the The freakishly weird and obnoxious boy sits next to me.
    Anyway, I don't get why I'm still talking to you.

    New day, new start. Today is Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Do you know that thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday?
    It's OK if you didn't. You probably wouldn't.

    Ronathon left! Now thats two pounds lifted off my shoulders.
    But there's still about 50 pounds left.
    And that boy who sits next to me has become more annoying and loud.
    Still sad. By the boy who sits next to me, the boy who likes me, and Byle, the boy who thinks I like him(which I totally don't).

    At least when I get home I have peace.

    Today is Friday. It's No Rules day again. She didn't tell us this time. It was supposed to be secret so that if anybody misbehaved today,
    they would get a sever punishment. I say, that one of the people in the little group that misbehaved is not going to be me.
    My friend, Mariah, Ms. Ronni's daughter, told me again that it was going to be No Rules Day today. She also told me not to
    misbehave. But after I heard her say that today was No Rules Day, I already knew that.

    You do not need to know what happened today.But I'll tell you anyway.
    Today was not as bad as the other No Rules Day.
    But it was still bad. A Substitute who Ms. Ronni told to that today was going to be No Rules Day,
    filled in for Ms. Ronni. Most of the kids in the class were scared about if they would accidentally
    do something wrong on No Rules Day. So they pretty much just try to be their best everyday because
    they don't know when No Rules Day is going to be.
    But the rest of the kids totally misbehaved. Gordan, when the Substitute wasn't looking, grabbed the Earth ball
    in the class room, and 8 of the kids practically played volley ball with it!
    Then the Substitute turned around and was astonished! And then 3 of the 8 students who were playing volley ball
    with the Earth ball, actually told the Substitute to shut up! And then, the Substitute was like telling the students to shut up,
    like right in my face, and it gets worse. When he was saying ''Shut'' it actually sounded like he was saying ''sh--t''
    which just makes me feel like somebodies screaming ''sh--t'' in my ear.
    What I've noticed, is that whenever a teacher chooses to yell and scream, they usually do it in my face or the are standing right behind me.
    And somebody ''blah blah blah-ing'' loudly really close to you, gets really annoying.
    Also, people kept yelling, that also gets really annoying.

    I have bad new and good news again. The bad news is that 8 people have the serious consequences.
    The good news is that I'm not one of them. The 8 people are, Mamy, Bessica, Shashe, Gordan, Byle, Jaustin, Balonzo, and Sacquez.

    I found out that their was a ninth person who's getting a sever punishment.
    It's the new kid.
    Cryce. The annoying boy who sits next to me. That's the one.
    OK. Today's Saturday. I don't tell you anything of my life except what happens in school,
    so bye!

    Today's Monday.
    Monday is the my least favorite day of the week.
    I think they should just call it Mournday.
    It just tells you there is a full boring school week
    right in front of you. So lets just skip this week of boringness and
    go to Friday.

    It's Friday.
    My favorite day of the week.
    This is the day were usually the crazy stuff happens.
    Nope. Nothing happened today either.
    Except practice at Chorus for a concert. That I guess was pretty cool.

    Guess what! That practice for the chorus concert payed off!
    We had the concert!
    It was so

    We did this hand thing, (so cool!)
    and we put on white gloves
    and did moves with our hands when it was all dark.
    To make the gloves glow, Ms. Samen put
    on blue neon lights and the light reflected of T
    the gloves, (like how the Sun's light reflects off the Moon and then the moon glows)
    and the gloves glowed! So cool!

    Anyway, Today, Friday, is the last day before Christmas (Winter) break!
    See you next year, bye!