• It all started with a game.

    A game of flag football that pulled us apart.
    It was a bright and sunny day, the grass green and soft. My dark blond hair trailing behind me as I ran to catch his flag.
    He glanced back at me with a silly smirk on his face. I only laughed and sped up, my bare feet crushing the grass underneath them.
    When I got close enough, I leapt for the torn yellow piece of fabric that was hanging from his pocket. I caught it, balling it up in my fist as I fell. I sat up and crossed my legs in front of me, holding the flag out with a big, toothy smile.
    He turned around and felt for the flag in his pocket. He look back at me when he realized it wasn't in there. I burst out in laughter as he walked back towards me, his perfect black hair bouncing as he took each step.
    He sat down in front of me, pulling the brown football into his lap.
    "That was pretty good Julie." he said in his quiet voice. With the way he spoke, you wouldn't of had guessed that he was to be a Prince one day. I was only a commoner, not allowed within the palace walls we played in.
    "Well, Romeo, you just gotta run faster." I said, the smile tugging at my lips even further.
    His smile widened. He leaned forward and looked me in the eyes, his forehead almost touching mine. "Is that a challenge for a race?" he asked. I let my wide smile come down into a smirk. I stood up and offered a hand to help him up. "Of course."
    I suddenly looked to the right, hearing grass crunch under someone's foot. It was an older woman, dressed in a royal maid's cloak. I gasped as she said, "Lord Romeo! What are you doing- AHHHH!" She screamed at the sight of me.
    I went wide eyed and dashed towards the black brick wall that separated the commoners from the royals. Romeo had taught me how to climb it a week ago. He showed me where the hand and foot holds were.
    I jumped and grabbed hold of the wall, my hands easily finding the hand holds. I tried to lift my foot to a foot hold, but couldn't. The maid had grabbed my ankle.
    I heard Romeo shouting below me, "Let go of her! Let go of my Juliet!"
    I was pulled off the wall, my sweaty palms giving way. I landed on the old woman, my boney butt hitting her chest as her hands wrapped tightly around my stomach.
    I felt Romeo try to pry me from her grip, but failing. I heard her scream at him a few times, but he didn't shut up.
    While she was doing that, I began to swing my legs, forcing my heel into her knee. She cried out and dropped me. I fell to the ground, luckily landing on my feet. As I stood up I felt someone grab my shoulders. I spun around and came face to face with Romeo.
    Little 9 year old Romeo.
    He smiled and pressed his lips to mine and as he pulled away, whispered, "Just in case I don't see you again."
    I nodded and made a mad dash to the wall again. I grabbed a hold of the holds and scampered up to the top. As I straddled the top, I looked down. I waved. "Until later!" I called to the little black haired boy.
    He smiled and waved back. "Until later!"
    I smiled to my little 8 year old self and began my descent down the wall.
    As I touched the dirt on the other side with my feet, I knew I was safe. The royals couldn't get me now.
    I caught my breath and turned back to the wall, staring at the black, dusty bricks. "Until later." I whispered, touching my lips.
    ((Edited for spelling))