• I never knew death when I saw it until now, my poor body couldn't take the hate that people put towards me.

    My mind raced with thoughts that I've seen before. I knew now that I have been near death. And now I had a decision to make.

    Live. Or die.

    I looked at the facts that might make me want to die, my teachers think I am one of the stuipdst stundents, my parents ground me for bad language, and....... My boyfriend used me for cash.

    Now the facts for staying alive. I would be around my best friend, I'll find a new man, I'll probely earn others respect (Like I need it!)

    And who would watch Susie? Who would she look up to?

    I look at the mirror on the table, I looked horriable, never have I seen this girl. Never. But I knew who I was. Mayln Simthson. I looked at the sky.

    And the decision was made.

    I'll stay until life gets to hard.