• Brynna sat at her computer, staring at Facebook with her jaw dropped and eyes wide, rimmed in tears. She was chatting with her two best friends at half-past midnight-one of them having to be her former best friend soon. Her best friend Jessica was pissed at Brynna for being friends with Jessica's enemies. Brynna, although, had never had any evidence that Jessica's enemies Jackie and Kristen had ever done anything bad to Jessica. Messages began to pop up from Jessica's little white box, popping the red notification that labeled a '1'. She stared at it for a few seconds, then looked at it.

    Jessica: I can't be friends with anyone who is friends with them. My family thinks that I shouldn't and I agree. It's for the best Brynn. You have to choose, Jackie Kristen and Kyle, or me. Brynna couldn't believe it. Kyle was her best friend, even if she were twelve and he was about to turn fifteen. He didn't care at all about age difference and was like a guardian angel to her. Kyle had long brown hair that drifted a bit to the side and was six-three.

    What Jessica didn't know was that Kyle had stopped her from committing suicide earlier in the week and was there for her even when her family wasn't. She couldn't give him up, but she had known Jessica since third grade. A few tears slipped from her eyes and landed on her comforter, sinking in quickly. Another red notification popped up on Kyle's box, and she clicked it.

    Kyle:Yo you okay?

    Me:No I need you here right now ): Brynna wrote back, her hands shaking from the fear of losing her friends. Why did middle school have to be so dramatic? Kyle immediately logged off and Brynna closed out of Facebook and shut her HP mini. She opened up her window and slipped out of the house. She stumbled through the darkness and sat out in her large yard, next to a huge patch of tall grass that extended over half the yard. She pulled her knees into her chest and began to cry.

    Usually Brynna was the tough one, the tomboy that could fit in with any boys, but for the last week she had been sensitive to almost everything due to hormones. She felt long arms wrap around her from the side in surprise and she suddenly felt a knot tighten in her chest. She began to cry again and turned to hug Kyle back. She buried her face in his shoulder and he just sat there, strong and silent as he usually was, his hoodie smelling unusually fresh. Kyle really was her guardian angel, he was there for her through anything. He was absolutely amazing to her.

    Brynna stopped crying after a good fifteen minutes and just sat there. "Are you alright now?" Kyle asked in an unusually deep voice to her. Brynna pulled back a little bit and wiped a remaining tear with her sleeve. "... Y-yeah..." She said, feeling weak for having to drag him all the way over here-especially since he had to go through a cop-watch area.

    "Good, now how am I going to get back home?" Kyle asked as they both stood up, he was almost a foot taller than Brynna was, but no one really cared. "... Uhhh... you could hide in my room until the sun rises. I have some Mountain Dew you can use to keep you up." Brynna replied as she remembered her 'stash' of Mountain Dew she had in her closet. "... Okay, sounds good I guess." Kyle replied and they snuck into her room through her window. Brynna worked on closing her window and Kyle dug through her closet, looking for the mountain dew he took out an original and chugged it in eight seconds. Brynna frowned but just shrugged it off and sat on her bed with her back pressed up against the wall. Kyle tossed it into the trash and then sat at the other end of the bed. "Now tell me what happened." Kyle said, and Brynna remained quiet for a little while, then began to explain to Kyle everything Jessica had said.