• Chapter 1

    Legend has it that, every 400 years a new she wolf is born. On April 9, 1986 Yuki Nash was cursed with the she wolf. She was a monster, who fed on men during moonlight hours, she prayed that she would never have a girl to endure such madness but, her wishes were not fulfilled. Yuki married a man named Easter Valentine and had a boy and a girl. She knew what was to come.

    "Leila! Taylor! get down here right this minute!" Yuki yelled to her children, Leila, and her older brother slugged down the steps

    "What mom?, its 6am" Taylor said eyes barely open

    "Your father and I are leaving for our expedition trip around the world tomorrow remember? and I need for you to watch your sister like a hawk." Yuki turned to Leila who was asleep at the kitchen table.

    "Please do take care of her." Yuki said, now Taylor loved his sister to death and couldn't quite understand why his mother was emphasizing on taking care of her so much. Taylor didn't really know so much about the curse, all he really knew is that it had something to do with his sister.

    "Sure thing, mom. Can we go back to bed now?" Taylor picked up his sister and started for the stairs

    The next day, Leila helped her mother do some last minute things.

    "Mom, is the curse going to take a bigger effect while your gone?" Leila asked

    "Probably, just be very careful, try not to kill no matter how good these young boys look." Yuki zipped up her suitcase

    "Okay, mom" Leila said still worried, a taxi horn was heard

    "Easter! where are you?! the taxi's here!" Yuki shouted, turns out Easter was already in the taxi waiting

    "Cmon hun or we'll miss out flight!" he said growing impatient Yuki told her kids goodbye and hurried along. Leila and Taylor stared at each other.

    "Well I'm going out tonight." Leila picked up her purse and started for the door

    "Whoa wait, with who?" Taylor blocked the door

    "With Kelsey and her brother, they're taking me out to dinner, I won't be home too late." Leila said ducking under her brother to get out. Taylor watched her as she got into the car with Kelsey and her brother and drove off. Taylor went back in the house and got a bad vibe.

    At the restaurant, Leila became very antsy. she was surrounded by a number of males. Their smells made her hungry, hungry for their flesh. Finally Leila couldn't take it, she rushed off to the bathroom leaving Kelsey a bit worried .After a nice breather Leila walked out of the bathroom to bump into a good looking guy, who made Leila very hungry. Overhead the moon came out. Leila Dragged her victim into the bathroom and devoured him, bones and all.

    Leila came back from the bathroom looking quite healthy, you see ever time a she wolf feeds she becomes more...stronger, and aggressive. Her appearance tends to change also, in Leila's case she's a 16-year-old girl yet due to the curse she looks like a attractive 30-year-old women, in other words she is developing and maturing faster.

    "Leila, are you okay?, you ran off quite in rush" Kelsey asked picking at her salad

    "Oh, I'm fine." Leila said eying Kelsey's brother, she's still craving male flesh

    "Did you guys order yet?" Leila asked

    "Not yet, they only brought our salads" Kelsey looked at Leila, it was the first time in the night where she actually got a good look at Leila, she realized Leila looked a bit different.

    "Hey, Leila did you put on make up or something in the bathroom? You look different." Kelsey asked

    "Eh? What do you mean? I'm perfectly fine." Leila smiled. The waiter appeared ready to take the kids' orders.

    "Good Evening, see anything to your liking?" He asked, Leila looked at him and smiled

    "I certainly do" She smiled, the waiter chuckled and blushed

    "I'll have your special of the night" Leila requested

    "Lobster, please" Kelsey requested

    "I'll have the special too" Kelsey's brother requested

    "Okay, your meals will be out shortly" the waiter made his exit. Kelsey was a little concerned about Leila's sudden behavior.

    "Hey Leila, what the hell was that? that waiter is way to old for you" Kelsey said a bit annoyed

    "Oh relax, it's not like I'm doing anything,right? Plus I don't even think he's that old....he looks familiar." Leila slightly glared at her best friend

    "That's because he goes to school with you two, thats Patrick whatshisface." Kelsey's brother said dissecting the food on his plate.

    "Doesn't he hang out with your brother Leila?" Kelsey asked

    "Oh. Does he now?" Leila found her next victim.

    After Dinner Kelsey's brother drove Leila home.

    "Thanks for the dinner." she said before entering her home

    "How was it?" asked Taylor playing video games

    "Fine. We saw Patrick, he didn't recognize me though. I didn't know he worked in a fancy type restaurant " Leila smirked

    "Well, now you know." Taylor said

    "Its pass 10, you should get to bed." Taylor instructed

    "Well what about you?" Leila took the game control out of her brother's hands, he looked at her and he too realized a difference in his sister.

    "Fine. Fine. Shessh." Taylor got up from the couch and stretched and went to bed, Leila went up stairs to her room, as she changed, she realized she looked "prettier". She ignored it since it was way too late to worry about something like that.