• "I asked you, what are you doing here?!" boulder man said again. "Who are YOU, to be asking us stupid questions like that?!" Titan said. He kinda made things worse though, he was still in half-way form. "Why you little-?!" boulder guy said, angrily. He reached for Titan's neck, but Titan grabbed his arm and flipped him over. There was a loud groan and a big bang to follow. The other people started coming towards us, wondering what was going on. I glared at Titan, he stared at the floor. I sang Magic Melody (The one I watch from youtube is Anime- Magic Melody). All the workers and the big guy stopped moving, their eyes turned blank, and they became my living zombies. I reached into each one of their minds and earased the memory that me and Titan were ever here, and replaced them with a new memory. As soon as the song was over, I grabbed Titan by the back of his shirt and ran out of there. "What the hell were you thinking?" I asked him when we were far enough away. "Absolutely nothing" he said, and sat down on the floor. "Why are you sitting?" I asked him. "I'm out of breath, that's why, and you should do the same, you voice sounds really bad." he said. That's when I noticed my voice was hoarse and my throught hurt. I nodded and sat down next to him against the wall. He was staring at my neck "What is that?" he asked. "What's what?" I asked, clearing my throught a bit. "That black skull and bones mark on the side of your neck?" he asked. I covered the side of my neck with my hand "A....birthmark" I said. "A birthmark that looks like a skull and cross bones? No way." he said. "Well...it is" I lied. He eyed me for a couple seconds, and let the subject drop. Although, I could sense that he did it reluctantly. He sighed and stood up "Let's go" he said. I nodded and tried to stand, but I barely could. He went back into just ears and tail form and his clothes regenerated. Me and some other witches put a spell on his clothes so he wouldn't run out so quickly. He was dressed in a black t-shirt, black pants, black sneakers, black spikey choker, and silver chain belt (his shirt was not tucked in, it's something I knew was there becouse he alway wore it). He went over to me and picked me up into his arms. "You used up to much power back there." he said. I shrugged "I've had worse." I said. He looked down at me, suprised, than smiled. He lowered his head and I rose mine. Our lips met in rich rejoice. I put my hands around his neck and he me pulled closer, his hands tightening around my legs. I could feel his skin through my black stockings that ended a little past my knees, 2 inches away from the ending of my skirt. His hand on my shoulder tightened. He pulled me so close, it hurt, but I didn't care. His hand played it's way to my waist. I couldn't feel his skin under my tube top, just the pressure. My small black sleeves that started on my forearm and ended 2 inches down, scratched my arm a bit as I rose myself a bit higher. We kissed continuously, passionatly, repeatedly, panting, and loving the feeling of being one with Titan. Suddenly, I felt a painful stab in my neck where the skull and crossbones were. I pulled away from Titan becouse of all the pain. He looked confused, then shook his head and smiled, I smiled meakly back. " We better go" I said. He nodded and we took off to the top floor, I felt the cold wind whip past me, giving me goosebumps, but somehow, I felt warm in Titan's arms. Too bad my adopted father is mad at me for it.

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