• it was september 2009 I was becoming before my own eyes a over dramatic teenager. Most teens are over dramatic, but they dont want to admit it. They sit there, talk about how they would do the right thing if so and so said this etc. When really they sit there and b***h about the person. Hell, listen to me, I'm bitching out half the teenage population. Anyways, it was september and before I knew it I was on my a**, drunk, in the middle of the road. I felt kinda bad I'd dragged my friend Kealy in the middle of this, I mean hell, she comes over to give me a project she made in school, and finds me too disorented to stand up? I gave her a big grin as she helped me to my feet and out the door, and I aparently, was repeating myself again and again. I dont remember that. But I do remember hearing music, kind of a chiming sound from a very far distance, and before I knew it, an ice cream truck, right behind my back, about close enough to plow me over if he wanted.
    "Uhhh Jen...Jeeeenn" she said, grabbing my wrist and pulling me to the curb
    I didnt pay attention I wasnt too worried about the truck driving 3 feet beside me
    "JEN...this ice cream mans really beginning to freak me out"
    I look over my shoulder to see the biggest smile on the ice cream mans face I'd ever seen on a human being my whole life. Normally I'd be pretty weirded out also, but, seeing as I was drunk and all, I smiled and waved at him stumbling over the street cracks as he passed right on by.
    NExt thing I know, my pants started vibrating, it was my cell phone, I was getting a call from my mother

    September 15, 2008
    Entry; I figured out today that in November I get to leave for Germany!!! I'm so excited! There was a large wind storm that blew through here today, the powers out and because of that, we'll be stuck at home from school untill they are able to turn it back on. I watched a tree crack in half and when we left the house, I saw sooo many treees just laying in the middle of the road. If my parents werent so worried about me getting toppled over by a large branch, I would have tried to tie sheets together and use it as a wind sail. MY english teacher wants us to draw pictures with quotes from the book we're reading to go along with it...I'm glad this storm gives me a few extra days, I cant wait to show her all my mad art skills smile
    ---End Of Entry-----

    "Hai mooom" I said trying to make my speech as clear as possible.
    "Hey Jenny: she said back, completely oblivious to the fact I was drunker then a 2 time looser on this 21st birthday.
    "how was school?"
    "Itss was gewd" I said, wanting to get off the damn phone. This time I was sure of it. She had to know something was up, I mean how stupid can someone be?
    Pretty damn stupid I soon learned. I had a whole phone conversation with her, and still, she never even questioned what I was doing. Infact, there was a time I got drunk right in front of her face, and she still wasnt able to pick up the slightest hint. But I'll get to that later.
    When she finally hung up the phone I was over come with a terrible sensation. Like I was about to vomit. I did my best to hold it back, and it worked. I sat on the side of the road with my head between my kneese trying to gather back my stength, before KEaly and I went on back to her house to sit on her trampoline while I called a few people begging for advice on how to sober up. It was 3 whole hours before I even began to feel better, by then I realised I'd not done any of my home work and at that point, I really didnt care. After all, I didnt feel smart enough to even graduate, much less go on to college.