• Hinata Hyuga was as shy as a newly born flower as she walked into her new village home. She had moved from her old village to The Hidden Leaf Village for, um, personal reasons. Her cousin, Neji Hyuga, had been ordered to move with her, to protect her. You know, with her being a Heiress and all.

    “A-Ano…Neji-niisan, I have to go to my school, the Academy, soon. Are you going, too?” Hinata said, shyly. “Huh? Oh, yeah, but I’m going tomorrow. Good luck.” Neji replied, somewhat bored.

    And with that, Hinata walked by herself to the Academy, slightly anxious. ‘What if no one likes me? O-Or, everyone ignores me?’ She thought. She had figured that was the worst case scenario, so, she cleared her mind and worked her way to the academy.

    After a while, Hinata arrived at the front doors of the school. She couldn’t move, she just stared at the door, like a lifeless doll. “I-I can’t do this…” She whispered to herself. “But I must.” She reached slowly toward the shiny, silver handle. The door slowly slid open, and bright lights flushed her face.

    “Hi. You must be Hinata Hyuga, correct?” A somewhat tall woman with ruffled black hair and intense red eyes had spoken. She wore a red dress, but was covered with so much gauze you couldn’t see the more than half of the dress.

    “Y-Yes ma’am. Excuse me, but, um, I have to go to my class.” Hinata looked at her schedule. “D-Do you know where room…140 is?”
    “Ah, yes I do. Would you like me to show you the way?” The women said. “Oh, and by the way, my name is Kurenai Yuhi.” Kurenai had then started walking down the hall, and Hinata had no choice but to follow her.

    Hinata and Kurenai had walked and walked, and she passed many students. Some were very tall, which made Hinata feel really short. Others were very short, and were so cute Hinata couldn’t help saying “Hi” to them along the way. One had even hugged her as she walked down the hall.

    “Okay, we’re here.” Kurenai had said. “O-Oh. Arigato, sensei…” Hinata spoke. Kurenai gave her a warm smile, and slowly walked away. Hinata had now reached for the bronze, circular doorknob. She nervously turned open the doorknob, feeling a little sense of regret. The door creaked open.

    Heads were turning, and in a few seconds everyone was staring at her. “Who’s that?” “Is that the new girl?” “She’s cute.” Hinata could hear students whispering to one another. She blushed at that third comment. Hinata had noticed that there was a teacher at the front of the class flipping through a book. He had a faint scar on his nose, and had a concentrated look on his face. The door creaked again, and the man turned his attention to her.

    “Ah, you’re Hinata….um….Hyuga, correct?” He looked up and down the list to find her name. “H-Hai…” Hinata replied. The children in the class were still staring. “Great! Um could you please stand up here and introduce yourself to the class?” the man said. Hinata had no choice but to do as he said. She quietly walked up to the front of the class.

    “K-Konichiwa. My name is…Hinata, Hyuga Hinata.” She said quietly. She didn’t know what else to say. “I-I like Miso Ramen, I am 12 years old, and I am honored that I can partake in this class…” She bowed down to both the teacher and the class.

    “Arigato, Hinata-san. Please, feel free to sit anywhere you please.” The man said. She still didn’t know his name, and was too shy to ask.

    She chose a table with three seats, like every other table in the class. The tables were all connected, and were lined up 4 rows. Hinata chose the last seat in the third row, next to a kid with brown hair and red triangular paint on his cheeks. He greeted her with a smile.