• It's been a couple of days since Shinji has started with his plan. Needless to say, it's been paid off. The warp gates seem to be up and running and now we were all ready for action.

    [combat sparring with Megumi Tekarukite]

    Megumi Tekarukite: Impressive, Dave.

    Me: Thank you. You seemed to be as experienced as your older sister.

    Megumi Tekarukite: What can I say? I learned from the best. She's capable of challenging many of her opponents into Mortal Kombat as much as she enjoys fighting in a group---as if she's in the small army herself. So tell me... what kinds of martial arts do you know?

    Me: All I know is Tae Kwon Do as well as Nan Chaun---let's just say that I learn Nan Chaun more often than Tae Kwon Do.

    Megumi Tekarukite: Are you trying to learn every kind of martial arts?

    Me: Yep. That's what I'm aiming for.

    Megumi Tekarukite: It's gonna take you years, Dave.

    Me: Well... I can learn quickly.

    Megumi Tekarukite: How quickly?

    Me: It depends on my reflexes. I can---

    [I've been interrupted by Gary Boyd and Jonathan Streep, who approach the two of us. They have our attention]

    Me: What is it?

    Jonathan Streep: Mimura needs us all.

    Gary Boyd: He's got the warp gates ready!

    Megumi Tekarukite: Really? That was easy.

    Me: I'm not surprised that he has achieved so quickly.

    Jonathan Streep: Well, he says that we should start off our next phase of action. Come on, let's go!

    [around fifteen minutes later, we were expanding the size of our clans and warriors while we gathered around the newly-functioned warp gates that Shinji was able to power up thanks to his "technological intelligence"]

    Miriam Ryan: Wow.... very huge.

    Ada Tekarukite: I wonder if it will take us to where we wanted?

    Shinji Mimura: Trust me; it will. I risked my life testing it out---and it finally works. Second, the communications should not be cut off when you guys are traveling to certain places via these warp gates. I should try to contact you guys when the time comes, but until then, I'll provide you with some reinforcements if you guys are struggling.

    Nomura Satoshi: Looks a little scary to me.

    Shizuku Ikata: It doesn't look that bad. It'll almost be like teleporting to different dimensions around the globe.

    Crystal Cheung: I would travel to China for a vacation there.

    Katherine Crane: I would relax at the Bahamas if I wanted to.

    Shinji Mimura: Listen, people! We have no time for vacations right now! This is serious business, here! We have to complete our biggest mission ever! Now... is anyone ready? Does anyone need to run any last-minute errands or so?

    [silence for a few moments...]

    Me: I think we're all good, Shinji.

    Noriko Sanban: Healers are armed and ready!

    Shinji Mimura: Good, good. Now, be careful! As soon as you step in, you'll be traveling faster than the speed of light once you warp to a certain location. A powerful force should take you to a required, planned destination. But anyway... good luck to all of you!

    Me: Many thanks, Shinji!

    Shinji Mimura: And call me if you need anything!

    Me: Will do!

    [all of us begin stepping into the warp gates, where many of us vanish due to a powerful force taking us to our destination for our next phase of action]

    (End of Chapter 10, Part 3)