• Faith

    I grabbed his arm and searched his eyes, looking for some hint of sorrow or anger. Blue pools of ice stared back at me. "How could you?" Was all I managed to whisper. Then, something flickered beneath his cold stare. Something awakened within him, something awakened within me. His eyes melted into beautiful oceans, waves of emotion. It seemed like slow motion, when he bent down and kissed me, ever so gently on my lips.


    I barely felt her holding my arm, her fingers where so small and dainty. I stared at her, gave her my coldest look. How could she expect me to break down? To mourn over my brother? I couldn't, not in front of her. I was holding up fine until her voice, raw from crying, worked into my heart. Her musical voice, small yet powerful, how I loved her voice. "How could you?" With that my heart broke, it opened up, the walls I spent years working on collapsed. I couldn't help myself, I couldn't control the hunger, the yearning for her. I pulled her close, her body like a warm flame, and kissed her, as best I could, as sweetly as I could. To my surprise, she kissed back.