• "Hey bro did you pass the test"said Ken.
    "No i got a 60% on my test but i did pass my pop quiz"said Mace.
    "Hey Mace did you pass your test"said Mace's girl friend Madison.
    "Nope I got a 60% what did you get"said Mace.
    "I got 100% you now Mace you should really study because you not going to pass High School this way with all your test scores"said Madison.
    "Actually i was planning on dropping out of school"said Mace.
    "Umm guys hello were going to be late for 5th period"Ken says in the back round.
    "Like always they talk over me and they get tardy *sigh* GUYS WERE GOING TO BE LATE FOR 5TH PERIOD"yelled Ken.
    "LATE"yelled Mace and Madison as they rushed to 5th period.
    "At last peace and quiet i can't belive they felt for it its only lunch time"says Ken while laying on the grass.
    "KEN YOU DUMBASS WAKE UP"yelled Mace and Madison.
    "dude time to go home come on today aws only half day or what ever the hell you call it and where were you during 5th and 6th period"says Mace.
    "Sleeping on the grass"Ken says while smiling.
    "Danmmit dude dads going to be mad you know that right"says Mace as they walk to the bus and wave bye to Madison. THE END