• The ceiling fan rotated slowly, creating barely any noise in the room. It wasn't a large room really. It housed a single book case, which was littered with war books and plans from previous years. Dust gathered on everything. Dust and Sand. Across the room from the book case lay a desk, covered with news articles and maps. Hanging above the desk was a map of th Barbary States.

    Sitting at the desk was a tall man, about five foot nine. He wore the Barbarish uniform, tan with silvery buttons. The buttons to glow from their constant cleaning. Military war medals littered his jacket. The man had wild black hair and a goatee seemed to streach across his face. The goatee hid the grim look on his face. A cigar was stuck outside his mouth. His brown eyes, having a look of disgust in them, darted among the newspaper he was holding.

    A light knock interuptted his reading. With a grunt, followed by sigh, he said "enter!" A tiny women walked inside. She bore the same uniform as him, yet she didn't have as many medals. "General Jacobson, have you heard about the Ottomans? They are inciting rebellions among our States." She said, and appeared angrey. The man, obviouslly General Jacobson, nodded. "Yes Lt. Young, I was the first to hear it" He mumbled to her. Setting the newspaper down, he continued. "Some of our own men are betraying us also. Remember Lt. Anderson and Landers? They both defected" He said. She nodded.

    "Its a shme really, sir" She muttered. Jacobson nodded and said "yes, it is quiet the shame, those boys." Young shook her head. "No sir, thats not what I meant" she said. Jacobson rose an eyebrow and took a puff on his cigar. Silence joined the two people in the room. Jacobson was tired of it after about thirty seconds. "Well lieutent, what is it?" He asked her and rose from his seat. "Well sir, the fact that you haven't defected like most of us is a shame. We all thought you were wise." She said.

    She grinned and pulled out a pistol from its holster at her side. She aimed it at his head. The look on his face didn't change. "So Lt. Young, you have gone bad also eh?" He asked. Her eye twitched, not expecting that kind of an answer. "Really sir? Those are your last words?" Jacobson shook his head. "Lieutent, you will die a slow death for this" he told her, and added, "now put the gun down, and let us talk." She cocked her gun, grinned, and said "No sir, I believed you have caused too much trouble for my new allies." Jacobson's eyes widen, "Please, Jane, don't-" her finger squeezed the trigger, and a bright flash was the last thing his brown eyes saw.

    {Chapter 1 of Revenga coming soon}