• I got lost on my way to my classroom, the school was huge. When I sat down at a desk, I looked around at my classmates. David was there too. I was sitting alone until to pretty girls sat next to me. I thought they were probably popular because they talked loudly, talked to everyone, and wore tons of make-up. One said,
    "I saw you talking to David." I was kinda surprised at the question, I didn't even know she was talking to me.
    "What were you guys talking about?"
    I looked at her then looked away. Why did she need to know? Anyway, I didn't even understand it myself.
    "Hey, I'm talking to you!" her perfectly manicured finger was pointing straight at me.
    "He just asked where I got my jacket." I replied.
    "Oh. Ugh it is an ugly jacket. Still, David doesn't talk to anybody who's not part of his group, why'd he talk to you?" I was surprised. I knew she was going to be a definite enemy.
    "I have no idea." After that they walked off.
    What was that about??
    "Good morning class! I am Mr. Hall, for those who don't know me." He was smiling at me, in a goofy way.
    "We have a new student today, her name is Farrah Nakamura. She's Japanese. Farrah please stand." I stood up to see faces looking back at me. I was embarrassed and annoyed at my introduction. I looked around and saw David sitting next to 2 other guys and 2 girls. They were both pretty and the guys were cute.
    "Great" I though. One of them was probably his girlfriend. As I sat back down, the boys and girls at David's table looked surprised and started whispering. They were probably talking about me. After class I gathered all my things as fast as I could and ran off to the exit.
    Outside of the building I saw David and 3 other boys with him this time. After a few minutes of walking I knew that they all probably lived in my neighborhood. One of them looked back and saw me, then started whispering to the others. I wondered what the heck was so interesting about me? Then one of them ran back toward me, but David grabbed him before he could reach me. "What's going on?!" I thought.
    Once David could no longer hold him back, he charged at me. I was shocked, and I wanted to know the expression on my face when he picked me up then started jumping off to the roof of a house. Roof to roof to roof. I just clung to him and thought he was probably enjoying that. After we went past about 5 blocks, he put me down on the roof of a house not far from mine.
    "Hey you okay?" he asked. I looked at him in disbelief. Why the heck did he pick me up?! I started to jump off the house when he grabbed me and hugged me. -------
    I jumped out of his grasp and slid down the gutter. Then I started running as fast as I could for my house, but he caught me about halfway there.
    "Let go of me!!" I screamed. He let go and I slapped him.
    "Who are you and what do you want?!" I yelled.
    He started coming closer to me until I could hear his breathing.
    "W---w-h-wh-what do--- you want- from--------me?"