• “How Dragonborns Love”
    A few miles outside of Centria, the city of peace and prosperity, laid a small cave. The mouth of the cave just big enough for a small horse drawn cart to fit inside without hitting the walls, if you were a skilled rider, there were sounds that mimicked conversation echoing through the cave. The walls glistened deep within the cave illuminated by a fire where three bugbears sat smugly with their stolen goods from the peaceful town. These horrid beast were tall and very hairy, their structure resembled that of a grizzly standing like a man. They went in circles telling of the poor souls they maimed and slaughtered, laughing at the gore. A small sound that was similar to a crumbling of a rock rolling down the walls startled the bugbears. Two arrows from an unknown vector struck the bugbear nearest the stolen loot. The other two stood up and grabbed their swords propped against the cave wall. Another arrow hit one of the bugbears in the foot causing him to shriek out in pain. He fell to the floor holding his injured foot. One final arrow hit the fallen bugbear in the throat ending his whimpers. Out from the shadows came the assailant who had a smile upon his face, a sense of safety was not existent in his eyes. “Who are you?” asked the bugbear in a frightened voice. “I am the dragonborn known as Dante Machiavelli, I am also the demon here to take your soul. “Please skilled sorcerer, don't-“Dante interrupted the scared bugbear, “NO! I am no sorcerer; I am but a simple archer.” He then impaled the bugbear in his stomach with two fearsome sickles chained together at the bottom with human spines as handles. “You want to know how you got these scars.” Dante said while snickering to himself. The bugbear responded in a shaky voice "What?" Dante quickly responded "A dragonborn walked up to you and asked; why so serious?" Then in a quick slashing motion Dante ripped the bugbear's stomach open letting the guts spill out on to the cave floor. The blood glistened in the fire light as the cave once again fell silent. Dante stood watching the last bugbear breathe his final breath as he smiled his scaly body almost completely bare except for a loin cloth and a Quiver, which had a hook for his chained sickles. His skin was a dark orange with a white underbelly up to his neck and lining his jawbone. Unlike most dragonborns, he had a long tail. At the end of his tail were a few straps of leather, tethering a scythe blade. The blade pointed outward like a scorpion's poison tip. Dante scanned the room and noticed on the ground a large amount of gold and other spoils. “Praise Io I can drink tonight.” He skinned the bugbear and fashioned a bag in which he could carry the loot. He headed home humming his favorite tune carrying his spoils of battle, off in the distance Dante noticed a poster stuck upon a tree near the gates of Centria. He approached the poster and read it in his head. “My humble citizens and passing mercenaries of Centria, It has come to my attention that our fine people are being robbed by those bloody bugbears again. I ask that if you spot these troublesome fiends, deal with them and bring them to the proper authorities.” Dante looked at his loot and felt bad that he didn't feel bad; he then carried on with his tune and headed back to his home along the inner walls of Centria. Dante's home was originally a worn down barn house with a cellar, which he modified with the money he collected from his many battles. It wasn't exactly gorgeous, but to Dante it screamed home and bled cozy. Dante walked up to the cellar, which the doors were in the ground. He knocked on the door with his foot and a sudden crashing sound occurred within the cellar, followed by a soft-spoken voice “oh...um sorry I-I am coming, just a moment.” A small figure opened the doors with a blade in his hands; he looked up and dropped the blade clumsily. “Oh sorry master I was just being cautious.” The small figure exclaimed. “It's okay Virgil, but might I ask why you are so easily frightened.” Virgil with a smug face exclaimed, “Oh no reason I am just a little tired is all and I didn't have you here to protect me.”Dante walked with Virgil into the cellar which on the inside was well lit with candles. A small garden filled with coffee plants, the sun was able to enter from the small barred windows. Virgil locked up the cellar and headed for their room where Dante was counting his gold. Virgil had not yet noticed the spoils and with a glimmer in his eyes he asked. “Is that what I think it is?” Dante nodded and threw some of the gold to him. Virgil laughed while smelling the gold; he sat on his bed and started crying. Dante asked, “What is wrong little buddy?” “Does this mean we have to move from our home?” Virgil replied. “What would make you think that, we have no fears in this city?” “I know but the bugbears came here earlier and tried to break in, that is why I was so cautious earlier.” With a snicker Dante wiped Virgil's tears and gave him the sack, “You won't have to worry about them.” Virgil quickly noticed the freshly skinned bag and smiled at Dante. The sun was setting and the night was about to begin, with their new found wealth what will Dante and Virgil even buy when all you need to have a good time is blood.