• Devin Hoover woke up in a cold sweat. The thunderstorms that shook the entire neighborhood, although incredibly loud and dismal, were nothing in the way of frightening compared to the nightmare he just escaped from. He got out of bed with the pictures of events still to come, the same that plagued his dream, swirling around with no real coherency with static being all he could hear. He worked his way out of bed and stumbled toward the door in an effort to escape the madness in his head. The storm had knocked out the power to the whole house, causing his room to have absolute zero visibility. As he had neared the door with nothing but his cellphone to light the way, he tripped over a carelessly placed guitar case and fell with his arm hitting a shelf of books and knicknacks. He got on his hands and knees but before he could stand, he felt a large thud on the back of his head and he was rendered unconscious. He entered the dream once more, except this time with only one picture in his mind. The picture of his imminent death.

    He awoke the next morning to absolute silence in the house with the exception of his sister talking on the phone downstairs. He looked at the floor to find his Magic 8 Ball, the source of his blow to the head the night before. He picked it up, shook it, and asked if his dream could become a reality. The tiny blue pyramid inside the looking glass of the ball showed the response; signs point to yes.