• The students all waited outside, on a bench, until their names were called for the test, then, they went in. Where they would pit their skills against that of their mentors. Aurelia wondered how it would feel like, fighting against the man who’d taught her so much in terms of the art of self defence. She wondered if she’ll find the nerves to do it, shutting out the memory of the last time she had fought with a man that had taught her much, namely her father. It had resulted in the death of her family, almost all of her family, the sole survivor being Isola and herself.
    Feeling tears sting her eyes, she pushed the thoughts away and reached for her necklace, finding comfort in its crystal shape. She succeeded just in time, the announcer returned to the corridor, scanning his eyes over all the students. Returning his eyes to the list, one name fell from his lips.
    “Aurelia Ligrata.”
    The girl stood up and stared directly into the announcer’s hazel brown eyes, her own dull blue ones showing nothing.
    “I’m ready.”
    She stepped into the room as directed by the assistant and looked around for the wizened old figure of Master Fu. She didn’t see anyone else in the room at first, but, a door opened and a figure stepped out. Someone who was definitely not Master Fu. Someone who seemed closer to her age. Someone whom she totally didn’t recognize.
    “Who are you?” She asked in her flat tone and the boy she addressed faced her, his shadowy red eyes holding her gaze.
    “I’m Jus,” he told her simply as he pulled out his energy blade, flicking on the switch that allowed his strength to be transferred to it, turning it into a deep orange, like his eyes. Aurelia’s mind instantly flickered to what she’d learnt.
    The blades are usually white in colour, until they were formally given by the master to a student if so and so defeated him or her.
    She switched on her own and attacked.
    That was when the blade’s white would change, depending on the student’s own personality.
    Aurelia blocked a blow from Jus’s blade and attacked, aiming for his heart, through the covering they wore.
    Never focus too much energy into your blade in class. For now, it’s just light that you can merrily use to slash around at each other with, but be warned, focus too much and it’s going to become a lethal weapon capable of killing and destruction.
    She blocked his blow and the two blades met with a sizzle.
    They may not look lethal now, but when two energy blades meet, there will be impact, because two foreign energies can never become one in that short period of meeting.
    Master Fu’s words rang loud and clear as she blocked and attacked almost systematically, the steps he taught them shone clearly in her memory and she executed each of them perfectly. The two swords collided and sparks flew into the air. They pulled apart and Jus yawned. If he was hoping to evoke Aurelia’s anger, he certainly failed miserably.
    Judging for him to let down his guard, Aurelia pretended to linger back before she thrust her blade at him.
    Concentrate on maintaining your blade’s energy at all times. If you should hesitate even the tiniest bit, your blade would grow weak or even disappear. That is when you’re doomed to fail.
    The energy blade flew towards Jus and flickered, its white light disappearing altogether before it reached him. He glanced at her, grinned smugly.
    “You lost.”
    “Not quite.” She contradicted as her hands flew up and the light energy flickered on again. Before he could stop it, the blade entered his heart.
    He glanced down in shock, surprise forming in his eyes.
    “Nice strategy.” He hissed through clenched teeth as he fell. The light disappearing and disconnecting from his body. His face turned pale, nausea growing in the pit of his stomach and he felt temporarily blinded; the side effects from having a light overdose.
    If the blade enters your heart in its light form, consider it as a quick sign of failure. You will get an immediate light overdose and you’ll be down for the count. A light overdose is the sign of defeat in any battle.
    The assistant smiled at her.