• Cruel death Chapter two….

    A few hours later Asity returned home to see her best friend “Karima” she called out.
    She shrugged hearing nothing, She walked to the kitchen not yet seeing Karima she opened the fridge and noticed the blood and broken glass on the floor “what the…” she bent down and picked up the glass and turned to go to the trash can…when she shall Karima she dropped the broken glass and rushed over to her falling on her knees, shaking karima “please wake…please don’t die!!” she almost screamed… she noticed the stake in karima chest she hit the wall tears rolling down her cheeks. She got up and looked around seeing the window open. She knew exactly who killed her best friend… “Kris you *******” she cursed him silently she went to sit on the couch hugging her knees to her chest… She waited for Sorath to come home…
    30minutes later Sorath opened the door and came in he noticed Asity sitting on the couch still crying he ran to her quickly sitting next to he. “Asity what’s wrong what the-“he was cut off to smell a vampires corpse. He looked at asity worried “K-Kris kill-killed her!” she said burying her face in his chest. He held her close hugging her tightly.
    He looked at her, she looked at him too “she’s in the kitchen…she said he nodded letting go of her and walking to the kitchen…he Fell silent at the sight. He walked back to Asity kissing her forehead “ill kill him” he said quietly “Sorath…Karima was gonna turn me…but she didn’t get to” she said looking up at him he thought he might knew what she was talking about “you mean…to a vampire...” he asked almost silently
    She nodded, he thought he knew where this was going and said “and now you want to turn even more…right?” he asked. She nodded and spoke almost in a whisper “yes…”
    To be continued….