• (Heres the begining of the story in summary)
    Two 18 year old lovers find each other by random change and fall in love. But the problem is that the girls evil psyco mother doesn’t trust the boy and never lets them see each other. so they date online for 5 months through video chat and texting and barly get to see each other because of the girls mother. in the 5th month both the girls mom and the boys parents go out of town for a weekend. they get together at his house and she spends the night in his bed. But because he is a gentlemen and they are both still virgins, though they really really want to they don’t go all the way. Of course they do other stuff like make out on the bed and get all touchy feely so that weekend turns out 2 be the best time they have ever had in the past 5 months they have been together. the nights are so romantic that it seems that the world is still and peaceful. yet all good things will come to an end. (to be continued) WAT DO YOU THINK?