• Heath swayed a little bit "hunny,give the baby to me and sit down you look uneven"i said at a volumn a bit higher then a whisper.At first i tohught he was going to say no but he placed the baby in my open arms and fainted."I'll get the nurse" Stevie rae raced out the room.well so far i've had a baby my tattos are to by feet and back And heath has fainted.Great day."well nerd herd we better clear out"said aphrodite"ohh come on you know your part of the nerd herd now "damien added.Aphrodite laughed and muttered something under her breath about being stuck into the "nerd herd" as she called us.

    A few moments later stevie rae came back with a nurse."okay guys we should leave now"she said,they all left the room."okay i'll get a doctor to move him and check if he is okay,do you know why he fainted at all?"i Hesatated all my marks where covered i cant say the baby has a vampyer mark on her head."no i guess its shock because of a baby"the nurse look unsure but with out a word left the room.All of a sudden i had a perfect name for my daughter violate because lavender is purple and my grandma had a lavender farm.taa-daa.thinking of my grandma made me smile she past away last year.Mum disowned me years ago when i became a full prietess,who cares john can have her now.I was so lost in my mind i forgot the baby was in my arms until she cried.I started rocking her and she stopped straight away.Funny she had my face shape and heaths cheeky grin.I looked at her more closly she did have a bit of cherokee in her face. i whispered "you are my u-we-tsi-a-ge-ya"I smiled through my tears thinking of grandma i hope she would be proud of me.The doctor came in and put heath on a stracher and took him out.Mum rushed in,I was shocked she isnt with john or was he behide the door waiting to tell me off for being a vampyer again."Its true, Stevie rae phoned me saying you were in labour,John is true" so she had come with him great.John came in all chest huffed up"well zoey we came here for a reason"he coughed"your baby doesnt have to live a difficule life you know,this baby is moral and will belive in the people of faith not goddess of dark or whatever"He paused and looked at mum."we would like to adopted the baby,it is the right thing to do,its my grandchild not a petty vampyer"So mum didn't care after all just about the babys religon. I got angry ,Who are they to tell me how to raise a baby they made me feel out of the family."No, she has been marked and she is my baby not Your grandaughter"John got mad and started turning red.Mum looked away with tears in her eyes,i saw on her neck there was a tiny bruish a deep purple colour."Mum?" i thought i saw a glimse of my old mum.She looked up and smiled a bit "hunny John is your father and thats Our grandaughter please at least let us hold her"she stopped and looked at John"and chrisen her at the people of faith church,it doesnt matter if she is a growing vampyer does it John?"Okay now i was stinking mad htye cant just come in here and try take my baby away.Im going to kill stevie rae next time i see her.

    To be continued..............Comment pleaseeee