• It was barren, swords and corpeses still inhabited the tainted land. No one came for fear of being cursed, but I didn't really care. Greed picked up a rusted sword and mumured "This...is really the battlefield...from the first Mage and Demon war?" he asked, almost absently. "Yeah. This is also where one of the dragon mage's was killed. It was prophecied a dragon mage would be able to end the war. She died trying to kill your dad" I said. He looked up at me surprised. "What? Didn't you know?" I asked him. He shook his head. "I was always kept inside the kingdom. I almost never went outside. Dad never mentioned his work before." he said. I sighed "Want me to clue you in?" I asked him. He looked away, trying to hide his smile "Yea, mind telling me?" he asked. "Hmph, sure." I said. I sat down on a big orangish rock that was conntected to the ground. Greed came and sat down a little too close next to me. "Five thousand years ago, your dad started the war, and a dragon mage was born. She was raised to kill your father from birth. She was called Saphire. She was the queen of the resistance. Her dragon was a light blue color with thin, short, wavey green lines. Her name was Aquamarine. I don't know what her staff looked like, but, I heard it was incredibly amazing. She fought your father the day she turned 15, and she died. The battle lasted 80 days and 80 nights. Aquamarine wasn't spared, she was killed along with Saphire. It was said that your father riped their insides out and mercilessly-ah- nevermind" Greed made a deep sigh and put his arm around my shoulders. "Hey, get off-" Greed cut me off. "Just hold me a second" he tried to say sternly, but you could hear his voice waver. He put his head below mine, and he trembled a bit. I wrapped my arms around him. My tail wrapped around Greed. Greed lifted his head, and his eyes were puffy and red, as if he'd been crying. I kissed him, on the forehead. He blushed. I pulled away and his hand immediatly went to his forehead "Wh-what was that for?" he said. "This is the first time I've seen you cry. You were kinda cute!" I said. His face was completely red "Shut up! And don't forget! That kiss didn't count! You've gotta kiss me for real!" he said and jumped off the rock and began walking towards dragon mountin. I went after him, grabbed his hand in mine and grabbed his arm in my other. I squeezed his arm into me, my head resting on the side of his arm connecting to his shoulder. "It's not your fault. There's no need to be sorry or sad." I said to him. " I know. It's just comforting to hear it from someone else" he said, smiling at me. "Well, you've heard it from me, and I believe it too!" I said. He squeezed my hand a bit "I know" he said to me in a quiet happy way. I felt the blood rush to my face. "Maybe, I am falling in love with you" I thought, sighing softly. "I heard that" he said. "Shut up! And don't you know it's wrong to sneak into a persons mind!" I let go of him and walked on ahead, trying to calm my beating heart. Little did I know, of all the times I would want to beg for him to get closer to me, to enter my mind, my body, and my soul.

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