• Epilogue
    You see there’s a reason the people call it the Whispering Hill. It’s because of the whispers of the past families that lived and died but some how where drawn to the house, stuck in between life and death, never really knowing the two, never really moving on. But the real reason was the very first owner of the castle, the one who built it from scratch. The owner of the castle was named King Jerraud Meyers, he had a wife named Meliney Castelle-Meyers and three young boys. Cedric Harold Meyers, Jonathan Marrow Meyers, and , the youngest, Zander James Meyer.
    The whole family were happy together, never fighting, never hurting each other, they always had each others backs. King Jerraud thought that his wife was happy, he always saw her smiling. But he did not know what she really felt deep down inside. She loved her boys very much, but she resented them as well. She resented them because her husband was paying more attention to her kids than to her, and she didn’t like that one bit. But each day, as they grew a little bit older, she realized that it was poposterous to be jealous of her kids, they deserved the attention.
    But one day King Jerraud found his wife, with a knife in her back, leaning over her dead children, who he thought his maid killed because she had blood on her hands. Zander Meyers was so furious with his maid that he took her to the very top floor of the house and locked her up there. The only light she got was from the windows and the lamps. The only air she got was from opening the windows. The servants sent up food to her three times a day, and twice for her snacks after breakfast and after lunch. The day after he locked her in the room was the day that he killed him self, he had gone too insane, for his and his servants own good. He had feared that if he lived another day, knowing that the person who murdered his family was his maid and was in the house, knowing that his family were dead, was just too much to bare. Later that night when everybody was a sleep, he had gone into his study, wrote a note to the people in the house, and hung him self. The next day the servants found him in the study, dead, cold, lifeless. But what they hadn’t know was that their lords maid was pregnant with a child and have given birth the exact same time that he killed him self. Day after day, she mourned for the death of her lord , the death of the three young boys, who she loved so very dearly. Day after day she was grateful for having a reason to live in this world. Her daughter Makaria.
    Mayleen didn’t know that her youngest boy, Zander, was alive, she had never gone down stairs in the west wing. But the night that her lord died, Zander woke up. The person that killed his older brothers and mother, only got his shoulder, they made sure that he stayed alive and that none of his major nerves were hit with the blade.