• April, 24th, 2012; [Inspired by Bethesda™'s, Fallout© 3]

    2012 is predicted to have many horrible life threatening events. Hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and and war. No disasters happened, other than the next World War, which again started with the cruel, ignorant, and torturous Nazis.
    Though Hitler died, that does not mean there will be no more Nazis, that is in the alternate dimension of Earth, known as the Anthromorphic Dimension. The Anthros breath, walk, eat, celebrate, and live like humans, as well waging war, events from our dimension happened this one, and that means, they had real-life events, real traditions, and real places.
    The Nazis not only plan to take in Jews, but as well as kill their enemy's life on land. There main target, was America, since they ended their reign. America was a big hero, so Nazis sent a document to Russia,(For nukes) Iran, (For terrorism) and Israel (For their best dog-fighting skills.) Called, "Das Dokument für Naziweltkrieg lll Verbündete" In German,that translated, "The Document for Nazi World War lll Allies".
    They all agreed. Almost every country is at war, except for Ireland, and Scotland, but the Nazis used the countries for Concentration Camps, and used the citizens as target practice, untill they moved out with their prisoners, because Russia finally made their nuke, called, "The Big Bang." .
    America heard about it, so they distributed nuke shelters across each country. It worked, but when the year 2027 arrived, they left the shelters to remake their world, but the war was not over, Germans came out and went to their vehicle bunker, and every plane, truck, and car were in good shape. This story takes place in Scotland, for a vixen thief, who was thought to be an un-respected lonely loser, and a nobody...

    Iris Ariel

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    3 Years After; In Scotland, a fox, named Seth, and a vixen, named Fantasia, mated, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, she named her Iris.

    1 year later; Seth went looking for food, but he never made it home, because he got killed by a gang of wolves. Fantasia was mentally hurt by hearing that he died. Then she knew she had to protect her daughter.

    9 years later; Iris was ten, and her worse year yet, her mother woke her up.

    "Iris, Iris!"

    "Mom? What's wrong?"

    "No time to explain! I gotta hide you in the cellar!"

    "Why? Mom, you're scaring me! Please, I wanna know!

    "Ok, the Nazis are on their way, I don't know why, whatever it is, it's for no reason."

    "Nazis!?! Mom, I'm really scared now!"

    "Come on, sweetie, I gotta get you tho the cellar!"

    10 minutes later;

    "Mom! Come on! Why aren't you getting in!?"

    "They're here..."


    *A Nazi officer confronts Fantasia.*

    Officer: "Guten Abend, hübsche junge Dame, Gratulation, Ma'am Sie haben nach Auschwitz eingeladen worden, die bereit sind Ihr Arsch aufreißen?"
    (Good evening, pretty young lady, congratulation, ma'am you've been invited to Auschwitz, willing to work your a** off?)
    *The officer smirks at her.*

    Fantasia: "What invitation?!?"

    Officer: "Sprechen Deutsch, Sie wertlos b***h!"
    (Speak german, you worthless b***h!)

    Fantasia: "Fein, du Arschloch!"
    (Fine, a*****e!)

    Officer: "Das ist besser ..."
    (That's better...)

    Fantasia: "Was zum Teufel wollen Sie?!!"
    (What the ******** do you want!?!)

    Officer: "Ihre Tochter..."
    (Your daughter...)

    Fantasia: "Sie tat nichts! Lass sie in Ruhe! Sie wollen ihr musst du durch mich bekommen!"
    (She did nothing! Leave her alone! You want her you'll have to get through me!)

    Officer: "Ach, Fräulein, es ist nicht, wer mich durch dich bekommen ..."
    (Oh, Miss, it's not me who's getting through you...)

    *The officer draws his lugar.*

    Officer: "Es ist meine Waffe, die durchkommen werde ..."
    (It's my gun that'll get through...)

    *The officer shoots Fantasia*

    Officer: "Finden Sie sie! Schnell, schnell!"
    (Find her! Quickly, quickly!)

    1 hour later;

    Iris: "Mom... Why?" *Iris is trying to cry quietly*

    Soldier: "Sir, wir überprüft hohe und niedrige für den kleinen Fratz, aber keine Spur von ihr."
    (Sir, we checked high and low for the little brat, but no trace of her .)

    Officer: "Gott verdammt! Wie schwer ist es zu finden a. .. Warten Sie, was über diesem Keller?"
    (God dammit! How hard is it to find a... Wait what about that cellar?)

    Soldier: "Negativ, noch nicht ganz. Aber wir es jetzt!"
    (Negative, not quite yet. But we're on it now!)

    Iris: "Oh no! Wait, is that a slingshot?"

    *Iris opens the cellar door slightly and shoots a rock in the bushes.*

    Officer: "Shhh ... Hören Sie das? Ich wette, dass sie in diesen Sträuchern's! Suchen Sie es! Pronto!"
    (Shhh... You hear that? I bet that she's in those shrubs! Search it! Pronto!)

    *The soldiers checked them, she was not there, so they checked farther out at a distance were her shelter is no longer visible.*


    "I-Iris, I'm sorry... I had to open my fat mouth..."

    "Mom, it's not your fault, please, don't die..."

    "I-I have no choice, I wanted you safe, to live, to be free, sweetie. I'm going to be with your father, forever..."
    *Fantasia stops breathing, and she's turning cold.*

    "MOM!!! NO, MOM!!!! PLEASE!!! Please... I can't..."
    *Iris starts crying harder.*

    To be continued...