• Prologue
    It was a cold morning in Undercity Texas. The city had finished putting SAM in and running. RTXC was in charge of SAM and the city. SAM was the brains of the city. it also protected the city, a few weeks passed and SAM went crazy getting rid of all the adults in the city, but our story starts a few years back, back before SAM, back before RTXC, back before zero-hour, ahh, I bet your wondering what zero-hour is, well, hold your horses, your gonna have to find out like everyone else later in the story, ... our story begins with a small child, what's his name you ask, well... lets leave that out for now.

    Chapter 1 â€" The Becoming
    A small boy came stumbling out of his room, the child was about seven, eight years old, he was short for his age, with short black spiky hair that covered half of his face, and a pair of cargo shorts, he reached the stairs and grumbled a few times before taking a step off of the top and sliding down the hand railing landing at the bottom with a light thud upon hitting the floor. He took a turn and started down a hall slowing down upon coming to a white door, the door read "lab," his father was a scientist for some big company, he couldn't care what his father did, not like he ever talked to him, he shook his head and walked past the door to the living room and plopped down on the sofa and turned on TV the half passing out as a re-run of the Simpson's flashed on the screen.
    The boys eyes flashed open as his eyes wondered around the dark room, he stood up popping his back and neck a few times glancing to the TV from the corner of his eye, the emergency broadcast signal was buzzing on the screen, "damn test, do they have to do one every freakin day," he let his eyes wonder around the room, looking to the clock, titling his head some and looking to the window, "three in the afternoon and its still dark...must be a storm." He looked back to where the door was, "yo, pops, you awake?" he yelled out to the hall as he waited for an answer.... nothing, he let his arms drop down to his side with a light plop and sighed as he made his way to the door. He walked in front of the door squinting from the brightness of the door, he lifted one hand to shield his eyes and the other to bang on the door, "yo, pops, get up, your gonna be late for work." he waited a few seconds... still nothing, he looked both ways, his father had told him not to go in to the lab unless he was allowed to, "he cracked the door open a few inches and peered in this time squinting to see better in the room, the room was dark and in a mess, he still couldn't see anyone, "pops... you in here?" he took a quick glance back out of the door before throwing the door open as it skidded to a stop from the carpet.
    "Yo... pops, come on, get up already, come on, like I don't wanna already be doing this as is..." he sighed once and set a foot in the door, eyes popping open wide, "god, like a freaking meat locker in here..." he looked back one more time just to make sure his dad wasn't sneaking up on him... then again, his dad never played anything like that with him, he sighed and started walking down the metal stairs as they clunked. He reached the bottom and ran his fingers across the wall looking for a light switch or something to let him see well. He let his fingers wander until he felt something metal; he grabbed it and flicked it up as the lights flashed on and almost blinded the young boy, shielding his eyes, he stood there for a few seconds slowly lowering his hands from his face, he had only been down here once before, when they moved into the house, other then that he had no idea what anything was.
    His eyes wondered around the room looking for his dad when he came across crates with gates on the front, "huh, what ya keeping down here pops?" he moved closer to the crates, slowly moving. A bark echoed out into the lab and made the young boy jump back landing on his rear, "dogs... what do you have dogs f..." he stopped suddenly as he heard a mew and tilted his head, "cats and dogs, anything else ya got in here to?" he got up and dusted himself off before moving over to the crates. There was a pack of different animals in each crate. His eyes moved from each crate, "dogs... cats... rabbits... bats... foxes?" he titled his head and shrugged before moving along to two pods. One was open the other had a fox in it, "better keep clear of things like this, don't know wh..." he started hearing all the animals going crazy and jumped grabbing his chest, "crazy animals," he started taking a few steps back, "gonna scare the shiAITE," he had tripped over a tube and landed in the pod hitting his head and passing out slowly as he saw the glass doors slide shut with a whoosh and a click as the pod started filling up with a gas and the young boy blacked out.