• I couldn't believe my ears when I heard them fighting again completeley unaware of the fact that all of there kids were listening Jasey,Justice, Julia and myself. This happens every night. Mom and Dad not paying any attention to the kids point of veiw. Not noticing that even though we arn't the ones in the particular situation We still are affected by it. We all sat at the top of the staircase having wanting a overveiw of what was going on. I looked over to see baby Jasey poking her head through the Wooden rail-bars on the stairs. Holding my laugh back I ended up snorting. Catching both evil eyes from my Parents. " Jasmine! Get down here." I shook my head.there was no way i was gonna preform suiside and go down there. " NOW!" they yelled. Julia being the oldest followed me down the stairs pushing me. " What am I your sacrifice julia? " I whispered laughing mechanicly.With that i felt a sting on my arm. she never did find much funny. "Jasmine,take your siblings to bed and come back down with yours and julia's clothes packed and ready." It was silent for a moment, Julias crys interupted it. "Why?" Was all i said the whole time.
    " your grandmother is coming and she wants to take you two away for awhile is that okay?"
    "It's Twelve at night mother! have you gone mental?" Julia insulted grinning as if she had won the argument already.
    " apoligize to your mother this instant julia.we just want to keep you two safe."
    " Safe from what?" justice chimed in from on the stairs. " Nothing darling."