• "Okay-" I threw Greed into my room and onto the bed. He landed with a thump. "Now tell me! What did you figure out?" I asked. "Don't get all excited, it's only a rough guess." he said. "I don't care, tell me." I told him. "Okay, okay. Look, 'A dragon of blood shall come to thee' must mean Refia's scales. You know, becouse she's the color of blood. 'But beware danger and hate will follow thee' I'm not sure what danger or hate, but you're gunna have a lot of problems in the future. After that, I'm not too sure" he said. "Eh?" I said. "Like I said, I could only make out a bit of the bottom half." he said. "Well, now I'm bored" I said. "And you seemed so excited a minute ago" he said. I shrugged and lied down on the bed. "Well, what do you have planned for the rest of the day?" he asked me. "Nothing much" I said. "Well, you shouldn't do nothing alone" Greed said, flopping down next to me. I shrugged "I guess-" Greed pulled me close to him, and kissed me. Soon, we weren't in our own bodies anymore, we were in eachother minds again. "Better than doing nothing, huh?" Greed said. "Hmph, yea" I said. "The war, do you think it'll end soon?" I asked Greed. I could feel his sadness and anger at knowing that he didn't know. "I don't know" he said. "Tell me something, about your mother, I've been wondering for a while, but, how was she able to live so long? She's not a demon." I said. "She gained eternal life by marrying my dad. So, even if my dad does die, she will live on, and if she dies, my dad will live on." he said. "Eh? So, if you marry a demon, you gain eternal life." I said. "Yup. Hey, what about your parents?" He asked. "They died in the war" I said plainly. "Oh" Greed said. I felt a soft breeze on my skin and my eyes opened. Greed was still a bit dizzy from the sudden diconnection. I looked at the window to see some kids with cameras trying to get better pictures by getting inside the room. "L'ies tim'es" I said and all he cameras exploded. The kids ran away. "What was that?" Greed asked. "Some kids trying to get our picture." I said, whatching them run away. The window opened through the side, so my head easily poked through the window. Greed came up next to and we whatched them run. "What spell did you use?" he asked. "L'ies tim'es. The mage word for self-destruct" I said. "Ah" Greed said. Greed kissed me on the cheek and pulled me away from the window onto his lap. "I feel like going outside." Greed said. "Than go" I said. "But than you wouldn't be there, and even if I did go, I would be hounded by paparazzi" he said, teasing a bit. Refia came and sat on my lap. As this happened, Sakura came and burst through the door. "Have you guys seen this?!" Sakura said, raising up the school news paper. She slammed the door shut and nearly shoved the paper in my face, once I had it, she began paseing the room. "We're on the front page." Greed said. "With pictures from our trip to the field today, from start to finish." I said, a little angry. " Izuna and Greed were seen having a somwhat romantic morning in the field." Greed read aloud. "Like hell that was romantic!" I yelled. "Greed and all his perverted self was seen harrasing Izuna, does this mean he's really just a perverted stalker? Or are they really going out? Luckily, we were able to record most of their conversation. 'You pervert! To think you're actually my boyfriend!' Izuna had yelled at Greed. Greed responded 'I can't believe you aren't used to me yet!' You may whatch our program to see the rest of their "conversation" which we had gotten on video." Greed finished. I went to the tv I had installed in my wall a couple days ago. It was at the foot of my bed three to four feet above the bed. I grabbed the remote off my desk and went to the SNP , Student Newspaper, channel. Sure enough they had caught the whole thing on tape, from the second I let Refia go fly, to the part where we reached the mage school gates. Greed whistled "Wow, I look good on tv!" he said. Sakura had been sitting at the egde of the bed, anxiouse. "You okay?" I asked her. "No! I am not okay!" she said. "Sorry~" I said. Greed's arms tightened around me as he tried to lower his glare at Sakura. "Look, don't you know what's going to happen now that everyone knows about you two?" she asked. " Greed shook his head. "What do you think your father will do when he finds out you have a girlfriend, who you've been harrasing?!" she asked. Greed's eyes widened than he looked down at me softly. "What would happen to you once all the boys in the school see this? Boys would ambush you everywhere you went" Sakura said to me. "Hmph, than we're going to have to deal with it," I said. Sakura and Greed stared at me. "I mean, we can't go back in time and change what had happened, we're not up to that level yet. So, we just need to live with it, Greed's never going to change, and neither am I, so let's just live with it. Besides, things have begun to get much more instresting" I said, grinning. What I didn't know, is that things, were about to get extremely dangerouse. That night, before I went to bed, Greed's mom paid me a visit as he was in the bath. "What-?" I tried to say, but she covered my mouth. "Shh. I only came to tell you, when you face Greed's father, remember the song 'Lullaby for a stormy night' by Vienna Teng. Don't tell Greed I was here, keep it to yourself, just remember the song, it will save your life that day" and she was gone. I didn't tell Greed what happened, I didn't plan on telling him either. But, what did she mean, 'remember the song lullaby for a stormy night?'

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