• "It's not what you think!" he said, sitting up. "Riiight. Anyway, you an unknown?" she asked looking at me, half amazed, half surprised. I nodded. "Don't you speak?" she asked. "Vanessa!" Ark hissed. "I speak" I said. Her eyes widened. "You got yourself a british unknown!" she said at Ark. "It's not like that! We're not together!" he hissed again. She picked up his sketchbook and flipped through the pictues until she found me. "Hmmm? If you're not together than, girl, this boy has got one big crush on you!" she said. I slid from underneath him, and went to her to see the picture she was looking at. "Vanessa! Close it!" he said, trying to take it from her, she dodged him like with a bull and a matrdor (I don't know how to spell it). I saw the picture. He made me seem, almost like the goddess Aphrodite or the goddess Artemis. He drew my hair blowing in the wind and the moon practically making me glow. I blushed. "He never draws any girls in here! Not this perfect if he ever has to draw a girl!" she said, amazed. I smiled a Ark, he blushed. I looked up and saw the sun rising. "I have to go." I said, taking my mask. He held on, as I tugged. "I'll see you tomarow, right?" he asked. I nodded "Of course!" I said. He grinned. "Good!" he said and released my mask. I put my mask on and put back on my hood. I waved, opened the portal, and left.

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