• A star shot across the jet black sky while the clouds rolled into view creating a marvelous sight. Below the wondrous sky lays a vast plain followed by large monstrous mountains covered with a fresh blanket of white snow. I sat in the back of an old navy blue pickup truck buried in a blanket fighting the cold while two beastlike men struggled to dig up the frozen earth. After a pitiful hour the two men surrendered to the frozen land and both grunted noisily. I hopped off the bed of the truck and walked over to the defeated men leaving a small trail behind. Within minutes I was facing the hired men and was irritably waiting their excuses but in a slight change of mind I told them to stay put. Walking away wearing a slight grin, I climbed into the driver side of the navy blue truck and revved the engine. The two quickly realized what I was planning and made a hasty run in my direction. I pulled onto the road while they quickly ran towards the truck in hope of avoiding their fate. Surprisingly, they both followed me onto the icy road and nearly got hit by three cars but they didn’t stop their chase. Slipping and sliding on ice they soon were defeated by the elements and seeing their defeat made me chuckle sadistically. But the laughs only lasted a little while, so soon after I turned on the radio and drove bitterly thinking only of the job they failed to complete.
    As I drove on the highway, I looked for spots where I could complete the, now dead, men’s job but they didn’t seen right so I continued to drive towards town during which I passed four police cars with at least two officers in each vehicle. Seeing this I knew the police were suspicious so I quickly got off on the closes exit and switched to the back roads. I quickly found myself in a quiet little nationhood that consists mostly of adults and turned into a deserted playground and pulled into the parking lot. I shifted the gear to park and opened the door to let a cold breeze wake me up. I pulled the keys from the ignition, and popped a piece of gum into my mouth. I sat there for a while listening and checking the surroundings for cameras, people and nosy neighbors. Everything checked out and luckily night was falling so I climbed out and towards the back of the truck. There was a rusty silver tool box in the bed of the truck with a combination lock firmly shut on the latch. I knocked on the lid of the box and instantly it started to shake and rattle causing be to laugh. I pulled a long rope from the side of the tool box and started to put in the combination numbers 16...0...35...then I yanked the lock open. I pulled off the lock, flipped the latch and tapped on the lid once more. I told the lady in the box that if she does anything wrong I would leave her in there for another three months and slammed the lid open making the pale, skinny, black haired girl jump in fear. I quickly tied the rope around the her bound hands then pulled her out of the tool box. I checked the surroundings again only to find everything unchanged and then violently yanked the girl off the truck. The girl was blind folded and gagged so I had no worry in her seeing her captor. After the girl and I walked at least 50 feet away from my truck, I pushed her to the ice hard ground. I could hear her gasp from the cold through the gag. I laugh at the girl and kicked her hard in her stomach to get her to move. We arrived at a ditch at the far end of the park and the girl started to whisper to herself. I was curious of what she was saying so I tugged the gag of her mouth and asked her in an annoyed voice, “What‘d you say?”
    “Go to Hell, you b*tch!” said the scrawny girl in brave voice.
    I laughed at the girl as she stared stunned, then pushed the girl in the ditch and watched her gasp, shake and squirm. She tried to get up but quickly failed many times so I started to walk back to my truck. I checked the surroundings around to find a man walking his dog but I knew he wouldn’t hear or see the girl so I hopped into my truck. I revved the engine and watch the man leave then I pulled out of the lot. With one last look I chuckled at the dead girl then was off to find my next victim.