• tab Children jump from rocks to fallen tree branches chanting, "Never trust the Smiling Man, Never trust him you see, Never trust the Smiling Man, He'll hang you from a tree!" Laughing, they chase one another towards a strange shaped tree. A slight breeze ruffles their hair as the tree's branches groan in an foreign language. They speak of horrors past, and more to come. Yet, ignorant of the tree's warning, the children continue on with their play.

    tab An insane preacher once raved that "Man is a channel for darkness, and it is the job of the pure to cleanse him." He considered none but himself pure. Viciously killing hundreds during his campaign of madness he was named the 'Mad Priest of God'. His campaign lasted twenty gruesome years before his long awaited capture. Upon his execution, the preacher died laughing out a warning, "After my death a demon descended from darkness will replace me!"

    tab During the night of the Mad Priest's execution a child was born. Fifteen years later a young man walked into a bustling town, at sunset he left the silenced streets smiling, and covered in blood.A trail of carnage left behind him. This was he start of his campaign of darkness. As if from the Mad Priest's own insanity, a demon was born, and upon his sixteenth birthday he was called the 'Smiling Man'.

    tab As the sky began to darken, the children stopped their play and turned for home. The streets began to empty as the sun set, doors were shut tight, locks were turned, and curtains closed. For you see no one walks these streets after sunset, for that's when darkness creeps in.