• "Who? Huh?" Ark asked, confused. "What do you want, Riku?" I asked. "I geuss all girls need a guy. Even you." he just said. Before I could, Ark punched him right on the face. "Don't you dare speak to her like that!" he yelled. Riku took a few steps away, covering his nosebleed. "You little-!" Riku yelled, punching Ark back. "Jinx....Jinx will be mine! Even if I have to tear you limb from limb!" Riku yelled. "Like hell!" Ark said kicking Riku in the ribs. "They're going to step on my books." and "Oh my god." were the first two sentences that came into my mind. Riku, he can't use much magic. His strength was super human, that was his most known magic. The punches and kicks dealt were hard and sharp, never missing. Neither got out of a punch or kick without a bruise. "Um..." I said. "Stay out of this!" they both yelled at me. "But..." I said meakly. "I said-!" they said in unision and fell down the stairs at the same time. "Whatch out." I said in an I-was-gunna-warn-you-you-shoulda-listened tone. They both groaned as they hit the last step and stopped. "Are you okay?" I called down the stairs. All got was a bunch of groans in return. I walked down the stairs, sighing as I saw them trying to get up. "I tried to tell you." I said. From behind, someone flipped up my skirt. Riku and Ark looked up and got a nosebleed. "Black? I thought you were more of a pink." Cloud said from behind. I pulled my skirt down and backed away from him, my face burning. "What the hell?!" I yelled. I kicked him down the rest of the stairs, he landed between Ark and Riku. Cloud sat up, Ark and Riku ready to kill, when he punched the floor. It sent a shock wave up the stairs, flew me off of them, and made me land on top of him. I tried to punch him, but he dogded it, making my fist hit the ground, causing the floor around it to crack. Cloud moved, making me fall sideways, and hit my head on the floor, into unconciouseness.

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