• the boy bite me and ripped my skin off. i passed out after he hit me over my head. when i woke up my mother was gone and i was in a strange empty building that looks as if it was abandoned years ago. i had no idea where i was or if i was even alive any more. i got to my feet and looked for a way out. i walked all around the dimly lighted building and could not find a window or door. i was trapped in this unfamiliar place and no guarantee if i could make it out alive.
    Sudenly i heared laughter. it was coming from a room above me. i slowly walked up the stairs creeping closer and closer to the room my heart pounded in my chest. i reached over and slowly opened the door just enough so i could peek in through a crack. I saw a man that looked like he was in his thirtys with silver hair pail skin and red eyes. he seemed upset yelling at some one opposite him. i opened the door a little more to see who he was talking to. to my surprise i saw the boy that bit me. i flinched in fear just at the sight of him. "How dare you attack him and not finish the job!" the silver haired man yelled at the boy. "what else was i suposed to do?! i was full and if i eat to much i puke!" "thats no excuse to keep him alive!!" "go easy on him doctor, alucard. he is after all still just a child." a beautiful femin voice stated from out of my view. then a laugh came from behind me. I froze for a second then turned to see a girl with long straight black hair and deep blue eyes in a short red plad skirt and black button up shirt. she lifted me up by my shirt and tossed me into the room with the others. i landed on my chest and remained laying there in the dimly lite room. i was so scared i didnt move an inch. i just wished i never got out of bed. "hey. the boy said inches away from my ear. i pushed myself up and turned to run when i ran into a chest. i looked up to see the silver haired man glaring at me. he grabed my shoulders and pulled me in closer. My eyes were filling with tears and i did not look away from this man. "do you wish to live?" he asked.
    "w-who are you people?" i muttered in fear looking into his red eyes. "Do you want to live?!" he said frimly. "yes!" i shouted with tears running down my face. "then you are mine." he said before he sunk his teeth into my neck. it hurt at first then it felt like a kiss. i felt my blood rush to my face. i tried to push him away but my strength was gone. i couldnt breath. i gasped for air several times before he stoped biting me. "You are my personal food suply." he told me. my eyelids were too heavy to keep open. "can i try him?" the femin voice asked. "no. he is mine and i will keep him alive untill i see fit." "aw i was going to save him for later" the boy stated. i opened my eyes slightly. my vision was blured but i am sure the girl that threw me smiled and poked my cheek. "s-...s-stop... that..." i told her weakly.
    she giggled and ran off. i never wanted to punch a girl more than i did at that moment. the man lifted me over his shoulder and left the room. "where are we ....go....ing?" i asked with little strength. he ignored my question and continued walking. I slowly felt my strenth returning. I acted as if i was still weak and couldn't move. I wanted him to carry me away from the crazy boy and the strange femin voice. he opened a door and layed me on the bed. he turned to close the door. i swiftly lunged from the bed grabing a lamp as a weapon. when i went to hit him with it he was slowly turning to look at me. i swong but my arm stoped short. he glared at me with his red percing eyes. "What are you going to do with that?" he asked angery showing a fang. i slowly followed the cord from the lamp with my eyes. the plug was still in the socket. "w-why?" i asked myself. why didnt it give way? why didnt the plug come out of the socket so that i could knock this man out and make my escape? why? "the man grabed my throat and shoved me back on the the bed. the lamp fell out of my hand and on to the floor. the man threatened me harshly, "If you try that on me again I'll suck you dry, feed your flesh to a dog and let Molly play with your bones. do you understand?" i noded half heartedly. "Good." he stood up and sat on a love seat across the room. i sat up with my legs on the bed and glared at him from across the room. i was filled with hate for this man. How dare he kidnap me. that was when i remembered about my mom. "w-where is she? wheres my mom?" the man looked at me then closed his eyes. "Where is my mom?!" i shouted. "no need to yell i heard you the first time." he answered calmly. "Where is she then?" he pulled out a cigarette from his coat pocket and placed it in his mouth. he patted his pants then pulled out a lighter. The silence was unbearable as i watched him light his cigarette. "Enough! where is my mother, you son of a--!" he looked up and sighed letting out a puff of smoke. "She is safe for now." he stated. "Let her go and i'll do what ever you want." i muttered. he said nothing and smoked his cigarette. "what can you give that i cant take?" he said after a while. i thought for a moment then answered. "cooperation." "cooperation?" he questioned. after a second he smerked. "if my mother is unharmed and safe... then you have my full cooperation." "you would do as i say?" i hesitated just for a moment then agreed. "perfect." he said with a grin as he left the room. i sat on the bed thinkin of what i had done. "i think i just sold my soul to the devil." i muttered to myself.

    .....to be continued.....